Help me decide if I should even apply to transfer

<p>So I'm an entering freshman at Syracuse, but I'm not satisfied with Syracuse. I really want to go to another school but I feel like I shouldn't even consider transfers because all the top schools have such low transfer rates. Can you guys tell me what you think?</p>

<p>High School GPA: 3.5_ _ unweighted 3.8/9 weighted
SAT: 1350/1990
ACT: 28
SAT II: 750 math 2 and 710 I think on physics</p>

<p>Oh, and one thing I left out is that I expect to have a 4.0 every semester at syracuse. Yes, that sounds cocky but I'm extremely smart, I just didn't have motivation my first two hs years.</p>

<p>I'm hispanic. I feel like if I apply to be a junior transfer that I will be more likely to get accepted because 2 years of 4.0 is a lot better than 1 year of 4.0 at syracuse. I don't really have any ecs I can think of except that I got top 10 at a county calculus competition. I'm very good at playing guitar, I play lacrosse but I'm definitely not at d1 level, especially cuse. I love wrestling and my dream is to wrestle for duke <--- my number one choice for transfer schools.</p>

<p>That leads to the schools I want to go to: Duke, UPenn, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Cornell, UMichigan, Notre Dame, or UNorthCarolina.</p>

<p>Which ones of those should I realistically apply to? </p>

<p>Oh, and I got a 5 on AP Calc BC and AP Physics B.</p>

<p>if you have a 4.0, you have a good chance</p>

<p>to which one? duke?! :')</p>

<p>bump, can someone please tell me my chances?</p>