HELP ME DECIDE!!! Miami, OSU, or Wittenberg

Miami is beautiful, but kind of boring because all the buildings look the same. I’m concerned of how much people get involved in sororities and I worry there’s not a lot to do except drink. But I like that Miami is a big school without being huge and I think I can get attention from my professors while still going to school with a lot of different types of students. I like their study abroad opportunities and they seemed focused on undergraduate education. I also like how safe Miami is. Oxford is nice, but of course nothing extraordinary.
I visited Ohio State recently and prior to the visit I had no interest in it. “Too big”. But after the visit, I was not overwhelmed by the university like most students say they are. I was excited about it. Of course I love OSU’s recognition and Columbus. But I’m just worried I won’t get that close teacher professor relationship. One of my favorite parts of high school was getting to walk into class and have a conversation with my teacher. I know I can go to office hours but I wonder if I will really have time to do that and it still won’t be the same. I also worry about safety. Is there any nice off campus housing?

I loved Wittenberg because it was so quaint and everyone is friendly.ive met a lot of professors and they seem incredible and I know I’d get that personal attention. But Witt is not as nearly well known as the other schools and I’m worried I will outgrow it because it will be so similar to high school.
Sorry for the brain dump, I just need anyone to give me some advice in any of these areas. I wish I could take everything I like from all these schools and put it together but I sadly can’t do that and I have to chose :slight_smile:

All 3 choices are good and as you point out offer much different experiences. OSU is unmatched in Ohio for resources available to students. The school is gigantic but doesn’t feel that way while on campus. Have you spoken to other students in your intended major? They can offer valuable insight into how accessible professors are. In your major, class sizes will be much lower than the 400+ Eng 101 lectures. With OSU, there is safe off campus housing. Columbus is a big city but very safe with lot’s of things to do on and off campus. I can’t make the decision for you but it really depends on what you really deem important in a school. Even in a mega school like OSU you can have a small town experience by surrounding yourself with your core group but make sure you talk to students at OSU in your major to get their perspective. Good luck to you. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a great experience.