Help me decide on a LAC! Please!

<p>So I have already applied and been accepted to some state schools in NC and was just want to apply to a few more small OOS private colleges. So if you could chance me or make some suggestions based off the ones I am already interested in that would be great. Im probably only going to apply to 2 out of the ones im listed due to the amount of schools i've already applied to, apps get expensive, haha</p>

<p>My Stats (I know there not the best, but they are within range for most of these schools i think?)
28 ACT
3.4 unweighted
3.9 weighted
-Captain and varsity letter in Cross country along with most improved, All conference, Coaches award, state qualifier and all area
-Captain and varsity letter in track
-2 years of internship experience in the field of networking
-Created a small business
-Running club mentor
-National Honor Society
-Foregin Exchange student
-Highway clean ups</p>

<p>Colleges im interested in (im applying to Richmond for sure and it wont count as 1 of the 2)
-Holy Cross</p>

<p>Also meeting 100% of my need is important, i know Bucknell and Lafayette are like 95%, so is there much of a difference between that and 100%? Thanks!</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>