help me decide please! (survey)

<p>Ok, I'm really confused about where to go--big public school or small private school (barnard). My teachers suggested that I list all the qualities I want in a college and assign points according to importance. I have the list and the points, so I was wondering if anybody here would care to use my list and points and tell me what YOUR final score is. Thanks!</p>

<p>Location (10 pts)
Opportunities for research and internships (15pts)
focus on the students (10pts)
decent GPA for those majoring in biology (10)
social life-parties (5pts)
Culture (museums, restaurants..etc) (5pts)
Dorms (5pts)
living expenses (really high-1, really low-5) (5pts)
Study Abroad programs (how easy it is to go, how many people go etc)
School sports (school pride in sports, variety of intramural sports) (5)
acceptance rate into med school (10pts)
Prestige (5pts)
Education worth the money? (15pts)
Asian % (5pts)</p>

<p>bump. Anyone? please?</p>

<p>Love the racism</p>

<p>your point system seems rather arbitrary so i am going to give you a subjective opinion and let you decide
Location-Ann Arbor is a great town, often rated one of the best places to live in the country
Opportunities for research/Internships-Michigan's UROP program is the number 1 rated undergrad research program in the country, and there are many opportunities for internships (alot are offered through the business school)
focus on students- i assume this means interaction with professors-michigan is a large school with large lectures, but profs have office hours and some will even try to get to know every student
decent gpa for bio majors- michigan's science classes are hard and your gpa is determined by how hard your work, time you put in, etc
social life- greek life is not well received by the administration so generally if you don't go greek your partying outlet will be house parties-if you do go greek the parties can get pretty crazy
culture-michigan has several on campus museums and attracts many musicans and performing groups because hill auditorium is accoustically perfect (ny philharmonic was here this year (AMAZING BTW))
dorms-the dorms are decent but not anything spectacular-remember it is a public school
living expenses- ann arbor is an expensive town, but some items can be found cheaply
study abroad- strongly encouraged by the university-a lot of people do it
sports/pride-the best in the country-we have the best athletic program and the most school pride GO BLUE!!!!!
prestige-considered one of the finest institutions in the country
asian %-not going to answer because this should have no impact and if you think this way no matter where you go something is wrong with you</p>

<p>thanks nirvanarageatm~ The info was really helpful. I know it sounds like I'm being racist but it's actually really more about the diversity because I think diversity says something about the school. For example, I heard Vanderbilt attracts more of the southern belle type girls and the diversity is not very high at all. A lot of culture in the school comes with the diverse population such as asian american christians clubs and stuff like that.</p>

<p>I'm not trying to be exclusive I promise! I do try to be open minded...but sometimes I fall back on comfort and things I'm use going to a chinese church.</p>

<p>sorryyy if I sounded offensive, I didn't mean to!</p>

<p>Racism?? Ha, There's nothing wrong with not wanting to go to an all-white school (coming from a white guy). I think you'll find that there is quite an "Asian persuasion" at UM. They have an Asian-American Christian Fellowship there among other clubs you might be interested in. Chinese or not, there are plenty of people and clubs you can feel comfortable with.<br>
My bro went to Vandy for undergrad school. A lot of the people who go there are people who got into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. but they go to Vandy 'cause they get a lot better finaid there. And the Southern belles there don't only like Southern guys. Vandy is a good school to consider as well.</p>

<p>hmm...i will try to answer that as best a possible with some commentary in some lol....</p>

<p>Location: 10/10 Ann Arbor is simply awesome!</p>

<p>research etc: 15/15 If you take the effort, the opportunities are limitless</p>

<p>focus on students: 6/10 you really have to make the effort yourself but there are always people to help you out if you need it. You're never alone. But since its big you gotta put the effort. </p>

<p>gpa for bio students: 6/10 lol I'm gonna enter bio also next year and its REALLY HARD. But if you put in the effort and the right attitude you should be fine. But no joke, it's hard.</p>

<p>social life: 5/5 theres PLENTY TO DO at michigan</p>

<p>Cuture: 5/5 same as social life, you wont be dissappointed</p>

<p>Dorms: 2/5 typical dorms, not that great</p>

<p>living expenses: i say about its about a 3/5. It can be expensive or cheap depending on what your like.</p>

<p>Study Abroad: dont really know. If you take the steps and put the effort in to do it, then im sure you can go abroad. 5/5</p>


<p>acceptance rate into med school: 3/5 dude im in the same boat as you. I dont really know. Im sure it depends on how well you do at michigan. Its hard no doubt but i think it has around a 60% acceptance rate. Now that is for EVERYONE who applied to a med school, not just the "qualified students" crap they do at other schools, so 60% is not bad. But as i said, its HARD HARD HARD no matter what school you go to, just a little harder to get a higher gpa at michigan</p>

<p>Prestige: 5/5 cmon u know michigan is well known for both sports and academic reputation. You can't beat it.</p>

<p>education worth the money: 5/5 for me cause I love michigan and i think its def worth the money. But if you are concerned about money, lets say ur instate for stanford and you got in vs the out of state tuition for mich...theres a debate right there</p>

<p>Asian %: 5/5 I think there are plenty of students that are asian here. Im an asian myself, well indian subcontinent asian, lol, southwest asian. You'll see plenty of people if you go to the right places of course. </p>

<p>so whats that on the total scale? i gave it Michigan a 95/110 pts. Does that help you any. Overall I think Michigan is definitely worth coming 2.</p>

<p>thanks umardarr! that actually helps a lot. I know the point systerm is arbitrary, but thanks for taking the time! Ann Arbor sounds great. I'm leaning towards it and your score for it is a lot higher than what I thought it would be. I'll keep thinking about it, thanks though~</p>

<p>yep anytime</p>