Help me decide when to send my scores!

<p>I have an early action deadline on December 1st for my state school. If you apply EA, you have opportunities at scholarships and the like. I have my SAT I scores from May, but I also just took SAT II's on November 1st. The results do not come out for another 5 days. Should I send just my SAT I's to my college (they do not require SAT II's and it is not listed as strongly recommended). I'm just wondering if sending them would benefit me at all.</p>

<p>I'm not concerned with getting into the school at all (very much a safety school), but there's a possibility that they might help with scholarships. Thoughts? Send only my SAT I scores to that school now and then send everything else to other colleges once I get them? or wait 5 days and risk missing the deadline because my scores don't reach them in time?</p>