help me decide which SATIIs to take!

<p>I've already taken Chinese and got a 800, but as i'm a native speaker i don't really think that counts for much. (maybe taking AP Chinese test this year?)
i know i'm taking the USH test because i'm doing really well in APUSH right now and i'm more of a history/science person. I'm thinking of taking one of these: bio, mathii and lit. any suggestions? i'm a terrible math person, even though i have A's in pre-calc right now.. i don't know if i'll be able to finish the test under pressure. but do colleges care if i take the mathii SAT2 ?</p>

<p>oh and when is the best time to take SAT2s?</p>

<p>May or June?</p>

<p>If you feel uncomfortable taking multiple tests in a single day, you could space out the tests.
Personally, I would take three in May, and retake any I need to, or more, in June.</p>

<p>Since your Chinese SAT is useless, since you are not a URM, you require three Subject Tests.
I recommend Math II, Bio, and USH.</p>

<p>Try taking practice tests in Math II.
If you cannot score very well, don't bother to take it.
I'm terrible at Math myself, and I got a 650 on it.
I got a 770 on Math I, though. You may want to try that one instead.</p>

<p>hmm thanks. </p>

<p>uh.. what's an URM??</p>

<p>so the colleges will basically not even look at my grade for Chinese SATII ?</p>

<p>They will look at it, but they will not take it seriously.
Every 800 helps you greatly,
but you should not use it as one of your primary scores.</p>

<p>URM: Underrepresented Minority, i.e. African Americans, Latino/a, Native Americans</p>

<p>For example, many people of hispanic ethinicity can get away with using an 800 Spanish SAT II as one of their primary scores, but a Chinese person would not be able to. In both instances, it's not a good idea, anyway.</p>

<p>They will definitely look at it, don't worry about that.</p>

<p>I took physics, chem and math ii. I'd advise taking whichever ones you can (depending on your subjects in school). Remember, though math i tests easier concepts, the scoring curve is extremely steep. That means every mistake you make is going to cost you. On the other hand, in a math ii test you can even make 5 mistakes and get an 800.</p>

<p>im just a really slow at doing math.. i don't think i'll be able to work out all the problems in 1 hr ! </p>

<p>any recommendations for books then ? if i take mathii, ush and bio ? </p>

<p>Thanks kwu and armaansarkar!</p>

<p>math ii use barrons for overprep (cant hurt)
bio use pr or barrons</p>