Help Me Decide!!

Senior in high school, but have completed an associate’s degree through a dual credit program at a local college in Washington State.

Intended major: Electrical Engineering

Deciding between these schools:

University of Washington - Seattle Campus
Purdue University - Main Campus (West Lafayette)
Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo

I have been accepted as a First-year engineering student at Purdue and UW, and am in the EE department at Cal Poly.

Factors I am taking into account:

  1. Strength of EE department
  2. Cost of Attendance
  3. Credit Evaluation (this is decided by the school, but so far I know UW has guaranteed transfer of all 2 years of credit, Cal poly most credits)
  4. School Ranking
  5. Reputation to job recruiters (regionally in the west, and nationally)

Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!

What is your question? If the programs are all ABET accredited they should be on par. My question is can your parents pay the $50K/year OOS costs for Purdue and Cal Poly?

I’m asking basically which college would be optimal for me to attend. Your right on the cost for Purdue, but I think Cal Poly is around 30K.

In other words, when considering the listed factors, which of these three colleges is the best to go to?

SLO is around $36 K/year. All will give you an excellent education. If you plan to go to either OOS schools add in transportation/travel costs and consider accessibility to airports/trains … If you want to stay on the west coast after you graduate, UW or SLO. I would check the school’s career center websites to see any postings for jobs/internships to give you an idea of recruitment options.