Help me decorate this corner on my counter in my dining area

I like the painting and I like it propped. Like the tray but I’d pass on the cocktail book.


I like how the painting brings color to the glass shelf area and adds a bit of height. Bonus that it is from your travels. Some of my favorite art is from various trips and I love those associations. Also agree a tray will pull together the decanters nicely. I like the idea of a pretty, colorful cocktail book in that area too.

For the counter, I get the desire to cover the outlets! I try to do that too. :smiley: I believe my favorite suggestion is the two long, narrow succulents boxes as they don’t take up much of the counter depth and provide flexibility to move around to other locations. I also like the idea of long wooden trays/dough bowls with fruit or decorative balls. I think the area would benefit from something organic and colorful to soften the look a bit.

By the way, I grow many plants and have a somewhat green thumb, but for some reason struggle with succulents in my house. I water too often or don’t give them enough lighting, I think. If you want the look without the worry, there are great artificial options out there. I’ve ordered from World Market and Amazon and been pleased (just arranged in my own pots). I’m happy to send links and photos of what I have if anyone is interested.

I can’t wait to see what you end up doing!


I love the idea of painting of travels.

Hubby likes to buy posters, but we rarely use them. After coming home for a Europe trip, we realized that we had a poster in the basement of a painting we’d seen at Picasso museum in Barcelona. It fit our color scheme, and we had it matted/framed at Hobby Lobby. Now it hangs over the piano, in a space we had hung a few different interim choices through almost 2 decades trying to find “the right thing”. (Years earlier I had vowed that future redecorating efforts would start with painting choice. )

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I like the painting!

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When you’re standing in line at Costco and you feel like you should grab an orchid for @Hoggirl ’s countertop!!! LOL, totally what happened!!


I was just at Costco today and notice the 5 succulents for X amount, and thought of the thread myself.


These vases showed up in my email ad and I immediately thought of this thread.


I am still working on my spaces. I found a tray for the decanters which I have ordered. I will post pics after I get it all together!


Finally!! Took forever for my tray under the decanters to come in.


Can’t seem to upload more than three at a time?? Huh - got four in this post. Sorry they aren’t all together. Lighting isn’t the best either.


Wonderful! I especially love the tray. The curved lines at the top “soften” the space as a contrast to all the other straight lines.

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Really nice, @Hoggirl.
I love how you brought bits of green throughout the room.
That glass bowl around the driftwood is stunning.


Looks great! Still clean but just a little more homey.

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It looks lovely!

Looks nice. Just a little more lived in and less “sterile” or whatever.

Well done!

Excellent! :+1::+1:

Looks great!!