Help me expand my list?

I am a senior at an all girls Catholic high school in California.
-I have a GPA of 3.9 UW
-ECs include
Volunteering at a preschool
Varsity Diving
Part-time summer job
Newspaper/Yearbook during Junior year
-I have not been able to take SATs because they have been cancelled in California

I am only considering schools that have BSN programs (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) preferrably direct entry.

I’d like to be on the east coast, Chicago, or northern california. I’d like to go to a school that doesn’t have a huge focus on partying, but more about clubs, student involvement, academics and community service.

My current list
University of San Francisco
University of Portland
Loyola University Chicago
MCPHS Boston
Boston University

Thank you all in advance!

Have you talked to your parents about what they will pay, and run the net price calculators on the colleges of interest?

For direct entry BSN programs check what grade and GPA requirements in college are needed to stay in the programs. Some have very high grade and GPA requirements that will weed out a significant percentage of students.

Marquette? (Not too far from Chicago and is also Jesuit like Loyola Chicago).

Not sure if they have a good nursing program, but Santa Clara is a top Jesuit school in NorCal (near SF)!

What’s your budget? That would help.

My kids love Chicago. Maybe add Depaul? S21 has Depaul on his short list for film. Everyone liked Depaul’s campus. Seemed like a nice area with happy kids.

Boston is a great college town. If you’re going cross country it would be on my short list. Lots of great hospitals. Maybe Boston College if you like Catholic schools. Our guide at Northeastern was a nursing major and loved the co-op opportunities.

Other ideas would be Villanova, Miami and Emory. Emory has excellent medical opportunities. Our fiends daughter is a PA major at Miami and really likes it there.

My wife is Nurse Anesthetist and Catholic. Her advice would be go to a good, affordable school with clinical opportunities close-by and good pass rates for boards. You don’t have to go to an Ivy school for nursing. The pay is typically the same regardless.