Help me FIND a 3rd SAT subject test!!

<p>ok i took two so far</p>

<p>MATH IIC: 710
US HISTORY: 680 (no studying at all)</p>

<p>and umm i am lost now
i took honors physics junior year got A/A took a practice test got 350 on the practice test -_-. Good, as i was expecting like 200ish</p>

<p>SAT II literature: took a practice got 610.</p>

<p>SAT World History no prep at all/no classes taken got 9/15 on collegeboard sample questions...</p>

<p>Math Level 1? haha can i do this? or would harvard/princeton look down on this?</p>

<p>which would be the easiest to raise to at least 700?</p>

<p>btw my dad has a PhD in math/physics so he can help me study for that if I wanted help...</p>

<p>Well my suggestion :
Retake Math IIC and get 750 + (if you're applying to IV)
US History is graded harsh. I can understand 680.
Hmm... I would say chemistry but you havn't even taken a normal chem class so uh... pick literature because it seems you would have a more protean personality.</p>

<p>I took honors chemistry. Had the highest grade in all the students that took it with the teacher(90 students at Math science technology academy), but its been a very long time and i dont remember anything at all. But, yeah im retaking IIC for sure.</p>

<p>i find history very interesting so it would probably be the easiest to study for me. I would retake US history, but there is pretty much no point right now, its a fairly good score.</p>

<p>would colleges care if i had 2 history SAT II's?</p>

<p>But SAT II deadline for november is approaching 3 hours! and i need to decide!</p>

<p>Im thinking that i should just sign up for math IIC for the moment.</p>

<p>and at the test center i would take that + Math IC, and Literature. (or otherwise if i decide i dont need them?</p>

<p>and then in december i would take world history?</p>

<p>that way i would have like Math IIC at : 780 US history: 680 Literature: 650 Math IC: 750 World History: 750 </p>

<p>would colleges care if i had those low 600 scores? or would they only take into consideration top 3?</p>

<p>Sign up at for IIC for sure
I would take Lit or world history if I were you because well 2 maths seems you know.... but</p>

<p> we need to pay extra fees for adding a subject test if we used fee waiver?</p>

<p>Do world history and study for it like crazy. Gyros321 is right, colleges like diversity.</p>

<p>would having 2 histories not be diversity?</p>