Help me find a LAC/Uni like Barnard?

<p>I'm a permanent resident in Canada. Barnard is a reach for me..I was wondering what other schools I should apply to? I'm actually only writing the SATs for Barnard..might as well apply to a few other schools.
I want to study Political Science/International Relations, am really passionate about History, Economics and Politics.
These are important aspects for me:</p>

<li>Small class sizes</li>
<li>A good competitive IR/PS program</li>
<li>Availability of Internships</li>
<li>The name tag for my family. (It is important to them!)</li>
<li>A city/town location</li>

<p>I have safeties covered with Canadian universities. Seems like Wellesley has a good PS program.</p>

<p>Thanks, have a great day! (:</p>

<p>p.s- If my GPA is 88% or 3.52 (as per my conversion) should I wait to improve it for RD or apply ED? (Don't know how much it can be improved..)</p>

<p>Macalester is another urban LAC, slightly less selective than Barnard, where economics and political science are popular majors.</p>

<p>Bryn Mawr is another women’s LAC, less selective than Barnard or Wellesley. It is in the Philadelphia suburbs (with convenient access into the city). It has a consortium relationship with Haverford College, Swarthmore College, and the University of Pennsylvania, so you can take courses at those schools (most conveniently at Haverford, which is the closest).</p>

<p>American University seems to have a strong IR program and the advantages of a Washington, DC location. It is less selective than Barnard or Wellesley, but it is not a LAC.
It’s a university with about 7K undergraduates.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Tufts University</p>



<p>If Barnard is a reach for you, then this is a problem with other “name tag” schools. They are pretty much all hard to get into.</p>

<p>One suggestion I would have is Dickinson. It is in Pennsylvania, in a fairly small town near the state capital. My D1 graduated from there in the spring, and had a really good experience majoring in Political Science and Policy Management. She got some very good internships (spent a semester in DC at the Department of State, had a summer internship with a US senator, and interned at the Army War College in Carisle where Dickinson is located during one school year). She also studied abroad for a semester. And she got a good job with a consulting firm in DC when she graduated.</p>

<p>Occidental [Courses</a> | Occidental College | The Liberal Arts College in Los Angeles](<a href=“]Courses”>
[Courses</a> | Occidental College | The Liberal Arts College in Los Angeles](<a href=“]Courses”></p>

<p>Goucher [Political</a> Science and International Relations : Goucher College](<a href=“]Political”></p>

<p>Mt Holyoke (MA) </p>

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