help me find safeties please!

<p>Hi, so I am a White/Asian male(I'm putting down white).</p>

<p>I attend a very competitive large public high school in New York City. It sends many grads to top schools. Actually a recent article in the Wall Street Journal ranked my school as the best public school in the US in terms of percent of students sent to top schools.
I have a unweighted 91 average fairly hard classes (but not the hardest), with an solid upward trend. (Basically 88,91,95).
I don't have a weighted GPA nor a class rank. My school doesn't have them.</p>

<p>My SATs are 1460/2190. (740,720,730)
SAT II: 680 Math I(should I submit this), 720 US History, 710 lit.
All my aps are 4s or 5s.</p>

<p>Can you guys just assume that my extras and essays are pretty average for most schools. </p>

<p>Also, I will NOT request financial aid.</p>

<p>So what are some safeties i could use. I was thinking schools like Wisconsin, Rochester, maybe like Tulane. Does anybody have anymore cool/good suggestions? </p>

<p>Also, I am looking to major in English. I don't care about school size, or location, but I would prefer it to be out of the Northeast.</p>

<p>Just by the numbers, USC, BU, and NYU would all be safe bets.</p>

<p>PS: Don't be scared! You have solid stats and thus a great deal of control over your fate (just don't blow your essays lol). Take my advice: Apply to a lot of schools so you have options. At least one safety, two matches, and however many reaches you want.</p>

<p>U Michigan. Apply asap. Earlier applicants fill spots. It's a numbers game there. You've got the numbers, so you should get in. I've never heard of anyone who doesn't love it there.</p>