Help me find this book

<p>The last few days i've remembered a book I read in like freshman year or 8th grade but I cannot remember its name!</p>

<p>-the setting is in the future
- in this futuristic world, every person is born with a twin.
- Everybody wears masks so that others cant see their faces
-the people wear jumpsuit-like clothes and have ID numbers on their wrists
-the main character is different from others because he attempts to see his twin's face and thinks about sex.</p>

<p>It is weird.. I remember so many minute details but I can't remember the title! I want to re-read this book! Please help :)</p>

<p>We read this in 8th grade, I think. Did he "leave" the future for retraining, like, during the Holocaust or something? I remember the cover, but apparently people don't read it at my school anymore, b/c it's not on the website. I'll ask my sister in the morning.</p>

<p>that sounds like an interesting book!</p>

<p>@Millancad Yeah I think so. Since he hears music, his elders force him to relive a past of a violin? player that suffers alot!</p>

<p>Anyone know it?? Really need it =&lt;/p>

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