Help me flesh out my list with matches?

<p>(Warning in advance: deathly blocks of text.)</p>

<p>I thought I had a good college list, but then I realized just how top-heavy it was. I've got my reaches more than covered, and now I've fixed up my safeties- but can I have some help thinking of matches? It's half that I'm drawing a blank and half that I really don't feel that I can see myself clearly enough to know exactly what is a match.</p>

<p>To prevent overlap, right now my list is: Stanford, Brown, Chicago (legacy), UC Berkeley, Reed, Tufts, UMD, St. Mary's College of Maryland, University of Redlands, University of Rochester, and Northeastern University; maybe Duke (legacy), UNC, or the University of Washington. This may be cut back a bit- I probably won't apply to more than one of the 'maybe's, and might drop a few of the others- but will likely stay essentially the same.</p>

<p>Demographics: caucasian, Maryland, female, need-based aid is not happening
School Stuff: big public high (class is 620), in a science and tech magnet program so that I can go from out-of-boundary (I like humanities waaaaay better, but it's the only reasonably good publich high in the county), presumably in the top 5% of my class (but my counselor just didn't feel like telling me my rank..... aghhhh!)
GPA: 3.90 unweighted (3.86 Fr | 3.86 So | 4.0 Jr); 3.93 w/o freshman year
4.14 weighted (3.86 Fr | 4.0 So | 4.57 Jr); 4.29 w/o freshman year
Testing: 231 PSAT, 2290 SAT (800 R | 700 M | 790 W), 800 Bio E SAT II, 800 W. History SAT II, 780 Math II SAT II; am retaking the SAT on the next testing date to bring up that math score for superscoring.
APs: US Gov (5); Bio (5), Calc AB (5), Lang (4), W. History (4) [Overwriting on some essays and underwriting on the others! >:( Basically, lousy time management. It was really embarassing when the scores came back. I'd been swearing that it would be the other way around this year.]
Have taken, wherever possible, APs and honors classes (or my magnet program's equivalent thereof), whichever was both tougher and available (with one exception, Physics- stuck to honors equivalent).
ECs: editor-in-chief of the school satirical newspaper w/ involvement all four years and a leadership position in Soph. yr. before the previous EIC decided to restructure and killed my position; Model UN in Jr. and Sr. years, w/ an award for the best new member this past year; Japanese National Honor Society/J-Club in Jr. and Sr. years (JNHS helps run J-Club, which is almost too active; only eligible for JNHS since Jr. year).
Senior Yr. Courseload: AP Stat, AP Lit, AP Japanese, AP Computer Graphics (technically Studio Art, but w/e), Creative Writing, Research Practicum (senior capstone project for the magnet program- see 'Other'), and either a second period of AP CG or AP Env. Science, depending on how much the scheduling office hates me. We'll see.
Other: National Merit Finalist. This summer/school year I'm doing my senior capstone project as part of a small group collecting data in a national park near my school, though I won't know exactly what my topic will be until sometime after school starts. I'm a fantastic writer. I'm also getting two great recs from teachers, one from my guidance counselor (who hardly knows me... T_T), and can probably find one more great one if I need to.
Also: I was depressed for much of my Fr. year and the first part part of my Soph. year because I got outed to my parents and then went through a messy breakup- I managed to keep my grades up for the most part, but doing more than one EC was not something I could keep up with, and you can tell I was exhausted if you look, since I was picking out my courses because I only took 1 AP in Soph. year instead of the 2 that I could.</p>

<p>I'd prefer colleges in California, the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast, and the mid-Atlantic if you really must. Distance from home (suburb of DC) is a HUGE plus. Size isn't really a big issue for me, but somewhere between 4,000 and 25,000 is probably best. NEEDS to be LGBT-friendly (emphasis on the L...) and preferably with at least a liberal slant (like that'll be a problem); being in a liberal state = also a huge plus. Equal focus on the humanities and sciences, please- or at least not too far to one side (my bias is for the humanities)... Ability to double-major is important, as are majors in English (more important), History, and Computer Science (not quite as important). Wide selection of languages, lack of religious affiliation, not a huge core curriculum are pluses (but not necessarily necessary). The geekier, the better :D</p>

<p>I guess you know you'll be full pay at many of your schools. High performing students like yourself have trouble IDing matches because they are also usually reaches based on the percent admitted. Try Smith in MA. I would also consider Lewis and Clark which is still safety-ish but should be a good fit.</p>

<p>Yeah, I know... but I'm kind of glad to hear that it wasn't just me overlooking places- that there really aren't many matches. Thanks for the input on Smith and Lewis and Clark!</p>

<p>My older S is at Stevens and it might be a good match for you.</p>

<p>Have you considered Wesleyan? Sounds like it would be a great fit for you.</p>