Help me get into Harvard med school

I’m a senior in high school, and my ultimate goal is to get into Harvard Med School. My parents are able to pay my undergrad tuition, so I will spend my undergrad years trying to save up money for Harvard.
I’ve gotten into a few good undergrad schools and I was wondering which would best set me up for success:
University of Alabama—Biology Major, Political Science Minor, Liberal Arts Minor through Blount Scholars Program, Honors College
University of Pittsburgh— Neuroscience Major, Political Science Minor, Assuming I will be Honors-eligible second semester of freshman year, Neuroscience majors are guaranteed research opportunities
Penn State University— Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major, Political Science Minor Applied and Interviewed for Honors College

Other than college selection, what else should I be doing to increase my chances? I know that I should be doing research, but I’m not too sure what else.
I’d be honored to go to any med school, but Harvard is my dream!

The people who get into HMS are rockstars.

Here’s a link to student profiles of incoming students for the last 3 years.

None of the majors, combo of majors & minors or colleges listed are going to give you any kind of leg up on getting admitted to Harvard Med.

To get into HMS, you need top grades, an exceptional MCAT score, demonstrated leadership skills, excellent communication & people skills, and exceptional ECs. First author publications in major research journals doesn’t hurt either.

While it’s always good to aim high, you need to realize that getting admitted to any US medical school is an achievement. Every year, more than 60% of students who apply to medical school get rejected at every single school they apply to. And that’s only considering those who actually apply. Approximately 65-75% of all freshmen pre-med never even get to the point of applying to med school.

Normally, a private Medical School takes in about 10% of its admits from their own UG. So get into Harvard and get all As in UG with a HIGH Mcat will increase your chances to get in HMS, providing you have equally good ECs and LORs.