Help me get winter tag reinstated (UCSD)

<p>So Im sure some of you noticed they cancelled winter TAG for 2011 without telling anyone. Well I am lucky enough to have a family member work at UCSD and I brought it to her attention and she forwarded the issue to the vice chancellor who has forwarded it to the admissions office and they are currently reviewing it. I brought up the point that minorities make up a large portion of community college students, and since UCSD has had all this drama with race relations I feel it could only benefit them to increase CC transfers back to normal. </p>

<p>Apparently the admission people thought it was too much work to have winter transfers(even though its only tag people).</p>

<p>So if you guys could email the chancellor and just tell her that there is alot of interest in UCSD winter TAG, that would be really cool.</p>

<p>I know its a long shot..but it couldnt hurt </p>

<p><a href=""></a></p>

<p>Her name is Mary Anne Fox</p>

<p>Theres a lot of interest in UCSD winter tag?</p>

<p>UCSD has racial problems? i never heard that. care to elaborate?</p>

<p>^ too many asains lol just kidding i dont really know. I think it was because of the affirmative action thing ?</p>

<p>Racial Problems</p>

<p>1) "Compton Cookout" party during black history month
Fraternity</a> Mocks Black History Month With "Compton Cookout" - KTLA
2) A noose was found inside a library somewhere
A</a> Noose Found in UCSD Library - The Los Angeles Sentinel
3) a white KKK style hood was found somewhere
KKK</a> Hood Found Hanging at UCSD, Site of 'Compton Cookout' - KTLA</p>

<p>All 3 of those were way overblown. There aren't 'race problems,' the BSU just wants you to think so.</p>

<p>They aren't race problems, they're idiot problems. In a group as large as the UCSD student body, there's bound to be a few idiots among them. I don't blame the idiots for being idiots, I blame the protesters because they should know better.</p>

<p>UCSD might perhaps be vindicated by bestowing $10,000 in compensation to the Black Student Union.</p>

<p>Did you read the BSU's 32 "demands"? Some people clearly did not get the memo about the california school system being broke.</p>

<p>No matter. Justice must be served.</p>

<p>justice for what? For a couple of people being idiots? Definitely agree with Cali Trumpet on this one. Half my family is black and I still find those demands insane. Personally I don't even think someones race should be a factor in anything, especially education.</p>

<p>Lol, I have a feeling this thread is going to reach multiple pages due to people talking about affirmative action again.
Staying on point: I highly doubt you will get anywhere with that approach, but I think you already know that. Good luck!
Off topic: The whole thing is blown out of proportion. The demands are ridiculous. I know here at UCSC that there is a police investigation because somebody scribbled a noose on a bathroom stall. Although the one at UCSD noose-in-library actually disturbed me, the SC one is just stupid. Go back to how things were and just fight about budget cuts, not racism.</p>

<p>that sh^t shouldnt be happening, i think they should invest the money..if UCSD is going to pay up...they should invest it on how to eradicate archaic crap like nooses and kkk caps.
they should invest that money in their social science department and do some genuine research.</p>

<p>sh^t like this is disgusting.</p>

<p>Where are they getting this money from? They can't afford to do winter admissions, hence the start of this thread. UCs do not have money to blow at this point, maybe they can afford to do that when the economy is up again.</p>

<p>People are going to be stupid no matter what you do... do we really want to waste money on analyzing why some people do the things they do?</p>

<p>LOL, I was only joking the whole time--I thought my pithy statements were an indication. I guess not. </p>

<p>I haven't even read BSU's demands, can someone post a link to them? I didn't know they would be so seemingly outrageous!</p>

<p>Why are people so god damn insecure? Okay, so what if a few idiots did some idiotic, semi-racist things on your school campus. Move the ***** on and go do something real.</p>

<p>UCSD</a> black student demands</p>

<p>MidnightGolfer that was sexy</p>

<p>• We demand a Permanent Task Force to fund more outreach efforts and create more opportunities for hiring African-American Faculty.</p>

<p>• We demand the University fully fund the traditional and non-traditional events of the Black Student Union in our efforts to create a better climate for ourselves.</p>

<p>• Match Funds with Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service (SPACES) budget including the Student Initiated Access Program and Services (SIAPS) and Academic Success Program (ASP) budgets. Black Student Union Statement February 2010</p>

<p>• We demand that every time the freshmen class enrollment is cut the University matches the student fees that they would have been paying to SPACES permanently to SPACES.</p>

<p>• We demand that Chancellor Fox uses more energy and resources to providing research based scholarships for African-American students as apart of a retention component from the Chancellor’s Diversity Office.</p>

<p>• Demand the University to increase the African-American populations in all areas of the campus including, Students (undergraduates and graduates), PhD Candidates, Faculty, Staff and Administration.</p>

<p>• We demand the University directly fully fund Faculty-Student Mentor Programs.</p>

<p>• We demand the University staff the vacant Program Coordinator position of the African-American Studies Minor</p>

<p>• We demand the Chancellor’s office make the African-American Studies Minor and the Chicano Latina/o Arts and Humanities Minor a priority for the University.</p>

<p>• We demand the University to charge a Task Force to create the plan for an African-American Resource Center on Campus in two years to provide a safe space for the African-American community.</p>

<p>• We demand that Chancellor Fox create an Office for Diversity Affairs from her administration instead of a part-time position with a title.</p>

<p>• We demand the Chancellor fully funds the Chief Diversity Office.</p>

<p>• We demand a change of Admissions Policy from a Comprehensive to a Holistic Review beginning for the Fall 2011 applicant pool.</p>

<p>• We demand campus climate becomes the Chancellor’s number one priority, especially in this time of crisis.</p>

<p>• We demand Chancellor Fox and the University have mutual respect of the “Principles of Community” and create a precedent of prioritizing students of color and leading by example. When demand that there be repercussions when the “Principles of Community” are blatantly being violated.</p>

<p>• We demand the Chancellor’s Office charges the Campus Climate Commission that will work primarily on improving the campus climate and providing a safer and more welcoming space and experience for the students of underrepresented communities and the entire student body.</p>

<p>• We demand a permanent quarterly and annual campus climate report from this Campus Climate Commission. This Campus Climate Commission must report directly to SAAC. Black Student Union Statement February 2010</p>

<p>• We demand the University create a space in the central part of campus safe for African-American students on campus.</p>

<p>• We demand the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Chief Diversity Office meet with the chair and vice chair of the Black Student Union at least once every academic quarter.</p>

<p>• We demand the University provide financial education and counseling, teaching students from low-income, underprivileged communities how to manage their money being independent college students.</p>

<p>• We demand that the University sends out a campus-wide email presenting the Black Student Union’s Do UC us? Campaign Report on Yield of African-American students immediately.</p>

<p>• We demand the University live up to it’s “Principles of Community” and show leadership and integrity by giving up the remains of the Kumeeay tribe and respect the native land on which we are housed.</p>

<p>• We demand three permanent designated spaces for African-American inspired art to reflect the struggle and progress for students of color on this campus.</p>

<p>• We demand that Chancellor Fox fully funds this Art space. We demand that the moral “Chicano Legacy” become a permanent art piece on this campus. We demand that Native American, Latino and Asian-Pacific Islander cultural art is reflected publicly on this campus.</p>

<p>• We demand Chancellor Fox and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and the Academic Senate mandate a diversity sensitivity requirement for every undergraduate student to take an African-American studies, Ethnic Studies, and Gender Studies before they graduate from UC San Diego.</p>

<p>• We demand the programs and departments such as OASIS, Campus Community Centers, Ethnic Studies, Critical Gender Studies, CLAH, and African American Studies Minor amongst others continue to have solid funding for the work they do in retaining African American students and educating the campus as a whole.</p>

<p>• We demand the University implements, maintains and fully funds BSU’s Student Initiated Yield Programs.</p>

<p>• Stipend for Student Volunteers- students deserves compensation for the hard work they do that the University should be doing.</p>

<p>• We demand that the Chancellor’s Office offers more campus-wide support for the African-American students on this campus, as well as the other historically underrepresented and under-served communities on this campus. Black Student Union Statement February 2010</p>

<p>• We demand the University provide the African-American community with a temporary location for a safe space on campus while the African-American Resource Center is being planned and constructed.</p>

<p>• We demand the University provide free tutors for the African-American students who seek academic support. This can be structured similar to that of the Athletic Department’s services to Athletes.</p>

<p>• We demand a response!</p>