Help me grade my essay!!! Please!!!

How can failure lead to success? (Graded on grammar, structure, spelling, etc.)

      At first glance, soil might seem lifeless, useless, and pedestrian. Failure is similar to soil in that a fruit tree or success can be cultivated. Failure is the foundation in which success is built upon. In the year of 2013, an unassuming naive girl decided to tryout for tennis and what she experienced would change her life forever. 
      It was the summer of 2013, and I was determined to start my journey as a tennis player. I asked my mother to enroll me in tennis classes at the park but she morosely said that we didn’t have enough money to enroll me in something as expensive as tennis. Chilled to the bones but retaining a shaky smile, I told her that it was fine and I would find another way. Emptying my piggy bank of its contents, I went to store and bought my first tennis racket for the bargain price of ten dollars. 
      Everyday, I would go to the park and struggle alone to master the art of tennis. But I was like a painter with no canvas, I could paint all I wanted to but my art would not be revealed. Other players sympathetic to my cause would give me five minute lessons and old rackets. Thus overconfident I headed to my first tennis tryouts. That day, I played the best to my ability (which wasn’t much) with a fervid spirit. Later, I found out that all my hard work did not pay off. I stomped home and cried to my mother of how unfair the world was. She unapologetically told me to pick up my racket and to keep practicing. 
      The next year I practiced with a vengeance. And the next tryouts would pay off in dividends. I finally made the team. With proper coaching and practice I improved further. At the end of my journey, I learned to never give up in the face of failure.
      With soil in my hands, I cultivated my very own fruit tree. Every season, it would bear fruit for me pluck. Today, the remnants of my experience can still be seen from the callouses on my hands to my pugnacious determination. I discovered that failure was not the most important aspect to learning but the recovery from failure is.