help me here~~!!

<p>I got my score and i got a lower grade......than previous test....
i had 780 math and 570 verbal
on this test i got 710math and 610 verbal.....
would most colleges take my highest score?? so it becomes 1390???
my math went down a LOT..i dunno why.... i just bombed it....
i'm worried......</p>

<p>It depends, and you'd have to look at the policies of the school you're applying to. However, most colleges would take your highest separate scores so they can boast better SAT averages for their college, so more than likely wherever you are going to will accept your SAT I score as a 1390.</p>

<p>Most colleges take your highest score in each subject regardless of date. For example, a counselor from Yale who had a meeting in our area said if you scored a 780 math and 300 verbal the first time around, focus completely on your verbal the next time and don't even worry about the math. If the next time comes around and you switch your scores around (780 verbal and 300 math), then hurray! You've now got a combined score of 1560!!! Most colleges do it that way, but make sure you check with your individual colleges.</p>

<p>Yes I agree with everything previously stated</p>

<p>I can't say this for all colleges, but I know that many take your best verbal and your best math. Or, if you're like me, they look at the scores for both times, laugh, and toss your application out the window. Grr... I hate small improvements</p>

<p>by the way english is my second language and i will apply as international</p>

<p>oops, that's what happens when you stare at your screen blankly for twenty minutes trying to think of something witty to say; someone beats you to the punch</p>