Help me make a choice

<p>No biggy colleges here... (Majoring in genetics/biotech)</p>

<h1>1. Wisconsin - Madison (most likely honors) ($28k USD a year)</h1>

<h1>2. Ohio State University + Honors ($12k USD a year)</h1>

<h1>3. University of Toronto @ Scarborough (Looks like a high school to me, but $9k CAD)</h1>

<h1>4. Queens University ($9k CAD)</h1>

<p>Oh btw I plan on attending Med School at UofToronto or Queens, that is if the med schools here in the states reject international students.</p>

<p>UWM easily. Best of the bunch (except maybe toronto).</p>

<p>UWM is a great choice--if you can afford it, go there (remember,attending a worthwhile college will usually require some finiancial sacrifice). </p>

<p>OSU honors seems decent to me too. Did you participate in the Maximus scholarship competition?</p>

<p>Nope, I didn't partake in that</p>