Help me narrow down my search!

Hi! I am looking for some help narrowing down my college list. I have a 3.9 uw and 4.9 w gpa as well as a 1430 sat. The universities I am considering right now are Grand Valley State University, university of Wisconsin La crosse,
Illinois State, University of Alabama,University of Mississippi, Northwestern
Unc-chapel hill, Duke
University of Michigan, and University of Virginia. I am trying to get this list down to less than five schools. Thanks for the help!

What do you want to study? Do you like big or small schools? City or rural? What’s your budget?

Undecided as of right now- something in the math field. Big preferably with a nice college town surrounding. Less than 20k

What’s your home state? Have you run the NPC on the schools on your list? Are they affordable?

Illinois, all are affordable @momofsenior1

You are probably a shoo-in for the first five schools listed, especially the first three. Maybe keep just one of UW-LaCrosse, Grand Valley, and Illinois State. All are safety schools for you, and you don’t need three of them.