Help me out please?!

<p>I'm currently a junior, and I took my first SAT on the 28th. Projected scores aren't stellar, but I'm planning on taking it two more times,but I'm experiencing a few dilemmas: 1. When should I take my 2nd SAT? Like many of you, I have a few AP classes. Currently I'm in 3, 2 honors classes, and 2 extra sciences. I'll be taking the AP exam in May, so should I take my second SAT in June, and my third in October? Also I really want to take an SAT 2 test, as I plan on applying to schools such as UCBerkeley, Cornell, Emory, and a few others. I really want to take SAT 2 Bio test, and possibly something else, but don't know when I'll have time to take it? 2. My counselors are really urging me to do dual enrollment, and the town that I live in is very small in population, and our school doesn't offer many AP classes so I'm not sure what I should do. Most "good" school don't allow one to transfer the credits from what I've heard. If I don't do dual enrollment, then next year I'm planning to take: AP Biology(if it's available), I'll have the choice of either ap us history or ap world history, ap literature, physicis, possibly ap Calc or ap stat. Those are pretty much all the classes I'll be able to take. What should I do as far as SAT 1, SAT 2s,and classes to stay on track to get into these schools? Help me please.</p>


<p>Your APs seem all over the board (history, science, lit, math). You are definitely looking to apply to competitive schools, but I think it would be wise to have some sort of end-game in mind (getting into uni isn't the end game, it's the beginning). </p>

<p>If you want to take the doctor/engineer route, focus on the maths and sciences. If you want to take a liberal or political or professorial route, take the histories, math, and lit.</p>

<p>It makes more sense for these schools to see some reason to your actions. Plus, you'll be able to focus on extra activities, great SAT scores, and the whole package, not just a bunch of papers (tests)</p>

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<p>CG - just watched your YouTube video on Exponents. It was very good. Really liked the explanation of fractions. Are you really in Bangkok, thailand?</p>

<p>@Craig My school offers very few AP classes, so I'm trying to take as many as I can. I'm planning on going into medicine (I want to become a physician). Right now I'm taking AP Gov, AP Psychology, AP Language an Comp., Honors Chemistry, Accelerated Math 3, Physiology, and Economics. The only AP classes my school offers: AP human geo(took in 9th grade.), ap world history(don't like, dropped sophomore year, but I can take it next year if I want), ap us history(I don't really like, but I can take next year, AP bio(possibility of having a teacher that can teach it next year, so I definitely want to take it), AP lang(already in it), ap gov(in it), ap psychology(in it). Those are pretty much all possible classes that are available, and even those are not 100%. Like next it there's no guarantee that they will be classes.</p>

<p>If you are a junior, next year APs are too late for you as far as taking SAT subject test with the AP subject. Base on your schedule, this year you can take Chemistry and Math 2 subject tests. If take your time and prep you should be able to have decent scores. So you should take SAT either in May or June. Make sure you have plenty time to prep, that is the key thing to bring scores up. If you are not satisfy with either June/May score then you can prep over the summer for Oct SAT.</p>

<p>Well, my school is really bad in the sense that they value support classes and sports over academic, AP classes and only allow teachers that are qualified to teach AP to make at least 15 kids sign up, or they cancel the class. If I apply for Cornell regular decision, can't they see that I'll be taking AP Bio and other APs, or will it be too late? As for subject tests, I'm my sure how and when I'll be able to fit them into my current schedule. I want to take Bio over Chemistry, since Bio is my strength, and I'm alright at Chemistry.</p>

<p>Not*, not "my." sorry.</p>

<p>They will see the APs in Senior year but you need to check the colleges that you will be applying. Some of them will require SAT subject tests.</p>

<p>I do plan on applying to Ivies, an I am currently taking AP classes. The problem is that the APs I'm taking right now are: AP Psych, AP Lang, AP Gov. I plan on taking AP Bio, AP Calc, AP Lit, and AP World next year. What should I do as far as taking the SAT2's? I don't want to take them too late or whatever, but I also need to take the SAT. I plan on at least breaking 2100. I took the Jan exam, but don't think I did too well.</p>

<p>You can take Math 2 and Chemistry. D2 took the Chemistry SAT subject test after finishing Honors Chemistry. You need to prep hard because sometimes the teacher does not teach well, preferrably to take this test after AP Chemistry. If you are good in Biology, you can self prep for Biology Subject test. I don't think any of your AP classes this year matches well with any subject test.</p>

<p>Well I was in accelerated math, which had math2 stuff in it, but I had a B* (85ish) most of the year so I'm sure if it would be wise to take it. As for honors Chemistry I have a 93 currently and honors Bio I had 95+. Chemistry teacher teaches at a brisk pace so it's hard to keep up sometimes, but I'm entirely sure. She's very meticulous about everything. Everything has to be extremely exact. Not even .000001 wrong.</p>

<p>Do you have the Collegeboard SAT subject tests Study Guide? Try to see which one you do better and then prep for that test. You should take your SAT subject tests in May. You can switch the test once you get there, i.e. you register for Bio but can end up taking Chemistry.</p>

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<p>Oh wow! I didn't know CB has a all-in-one subject book. That's amazing! By chance, do you know if this is up-to-date? Thank you very much DrGoogle. I will definitely start preparing for Bio.</p>

<p>I think CB released this book a while back. The SAT subject test has not been changed, I think it's up to date. I bought one for D1 and still using it for D2.</p>

<p>One last question. As for practice and preparation, would you suggest CB over Princeton review, Barron's, and Kaplan?</p>

<p>I would say both. CB has only one test per subject. While the other prep books have multiple tests.
I usually get 2 books for each of the subject test and then let my kids takes the one from CB a few days before the actual test.
The SAT subject test forum will be able to direct you to which book is more useful.</p>

<p>Edit to add, I found a link to multiple Math subject tests from CB. I didn't buy this for my kids.</p>

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