Help me out ?

<p>Hey guys , im a freshman ... wll soon to be sophomore in high school and im really interested in , space , astrophysics , aeronautics , aerospace etc. and was going to make tht my passion. Will harvard reject me if I did ? i heard the are interested in like music , arts ,law , bio etc.. btw i know there are better schools like MIT , which is also another school i would like to go to :)</p>

<p>Harvard is one of the leading universities for physics and astrophysics, so of course they want to accept a significant number of undergrads that want to study those fields. My daughter just finished her freshman year and loves the physics department at Harvard. By the way, it is generally frowned upon to post the same question multiple times on cc.</p>

<p>oh sorry , but thanks , i just read somewhere that people who focus on music and law or the arts are the ones to get in</p>

<p>Yup, Harvard wants a class of only music students, law students, and art students. No science, no math, no pre-med, no English, no history, no economics, no women's studies, nope. Just music, art, or law. Or at least pre-med students (and all others) should have all their ECs in music, art, or law.</p>

<p>No, silly, here's the break-down of intended concentrations for the class of 2014:</p>

<p>The percentage of students who intend to concentrate in the humanities rose from 22.3 percent to 25.3. Interest in engineering showed a similar increase, from 9.2 percent to 11.1, while there was a decline in social science aspirants, from 25.7 percent to 22.3. Interest in other concentrations remained similar to last year’s class, with 25.1 percent designating biological sciences, 11.1 percent the physical sciences, 7 percent mathematics, 1.8 percent computer science, and 0.2 percent undecided.</p>

<p>Source: Harvard Gazette Online</p>