Help me pick AP's test

<p>I am in Junior year, I am currently following AP class and I am planning to take 5 AP tests, please help me pick the easy 5 tests.</p>

<li>AP English Lang and Comp</li>
<li>AP Physics B</li>
<li>AP US History
4, AP Calculus AB</li>
<li>AP Computer Science</li>
<li>AP Chemistry</li>
<li>AP French IV</li>

<p>Ok well for me, AP English Lang and AP U.S. History were the easiest. And I’m currently taking AP French, which isn’t hard as a class but the test itself is kinda hard. I heard the AP Calc AB test wasn’t bad since people have extra time to check answers and stuff(haven’t taken the test myself yet though). I’m not sure about the other ones. </p>

<p>I would look at the AP test score distributions and number earning 5s. The tests with the highest total numbers of get fives (because more students tend to take easier tests) and the highest percentages of 5s are your best bet.
Links: <a href=“2012 AP Exam Score Distributions”>2012 AP Exam Score Distributions;
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