Help me please with UNC!

<p>I've applied ED to UNC-Chapel Hill and have been biting my nails ever since, I'm just wondering if I have a chance at all!:
(I am from NC)
SAT: Math (600) Verbal (670) = 1270
Curriculum: All Honors and AP's all four years
GPA: Weighted 4.43/ Unweighted 3.7
Will graduate with AP's in: BC Calc., English, Biology, Spanish Literature (our school doesn't offer very many and we're on a block schedule so it's hard to fit classes in)
~93+ average all four years</p>

Spanish Club-10th-12th (Secretary 11th&12th)
Spanish NHS-11th-12th (Pres. both years)
Interact Club-10th-12th (11th Exec. Board member & 12th Sec.)
Beta Club-11th-12th
Model UN-10th
Marching/Concert Band (flute)-9th-12th (1st Chair & Section Leader since 10th)
Dance Club-11th-12th(12th Sec.)
I volunteer at our local Free-Healthcare center by interpreting, sorting papers, and acting as a phone operator-11th&12th
Work with the local Rec. Dept. (scorekeeping/concessing)-9th-present
In local Youth Symphony-11th-12th (1st chair both years)</p>

I've been in
All-District -10th
All-County-11th (prob. 12th)
Winthrop Clinic-11th & 12th
<em>band clinics</em>
I've recieved the 93+ average Academic Award-9th-(prob. 12th)
~I am also the oldest of four kids raised by a single mom if that heps things along~</p>

<p><strong>sorry I know it's long but I'm about have a nervous breakdown wondering! Thank You in Advance!!!</strong></p>

<p>Oh and actually my mother, uncle, and aunt( who's grandfather was the president of the college) all went there too. My father was a professor there as well for about a year.</p>

<p>i'd say you have a pretty good chance with your EC's and your family connections :).. though your SAT score isn't spectacular. i'm not sure how much they look at that though.</p>

<p>i'm applying to unc-chapel hill as well. we in-staters have a better chance than out of state people.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks! Hopefully we'll see eachother there in the fall!</p>