Help me please!

<p>So Boston University is my dream school. I know it's wrong, but I can't help but feeling like I HAVE to go there. I just sent in my app for them (and a few other schools...) Please chance me! </p>

<p>Rank: 9/402
GPA: 5.42 out of 6
AP courses: Calculus, English Comp, Chemistry, French, Statistics
SAT: 2040
ACT: 29</p>

1. Classical ballet- 8+ years
2. Key Club- President
3. National Honor Society
4. Algebra tutor
5. Part-time employment</p>

<p>I've also been fortunate enough to take economics at Lafayette College for my senior year. </p>

<p>I'm not sure if anyone could help me with this, but what do you think I'll get as far as financial aid/scholarships as well? I applied for the Trustee Scholarship, and will be eligible for all of the lesser ones. I know it's difficult to judge, but my parents are fairly well off (but not independently wealthy by any means), and I'm afraid I won't get very much :/
Thank you!</p>

<p>I think you have a pretty good chance.</p>

<p>I'd say most likely to be admitted but little or no chance for a Trustee Scholarship (I assume you mean the full tuition scholarship). Your stats are a bit above average for BU and the Trustee Scholarships go to the top 1 or 2 percent of applicants.</p>

<p>Thank you! But do you think I'll get any of the other merit scholarships?</p>

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<p>My D (graduated 2009) had SAT slightly above yours (2090) and GPA below yours (3.68, unweighted) and was loaded up w/ AP and honors courses. She also had a lot of leadership and music-related awards. We also are not quite eligible for financial aid. She didn't get merit aid initially, but wrote a letter asking them to reconsider once her 1st semester grades were in (mostly A's in all AP coursework). In April they offered her a Dean's scholarship, 10K/year. Since your GPA is higher, I would think you have a shot at this one, which is specifically for students whose parents aren't eligible for other financial aid. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

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<p>What is needed for Trustee Scholarship? What do you mean by top 1 and 2%? What GPA/ACT etc? Also, do they give Presidential Scholarship if you get/or not get Trustee. Do they allow to stack with others?</p>


<p>What is meant by 1 and 2% is that BU will give out that award to only the top applicants. Although your GPA is pretty good, you'd need something higher to be considered. You'd be better off contacting the Admissions Office or Financial Aid if you want more detailed information about scholarships.</p>

<p>Trustees is a long shot for anyone. My D is at BU on a University Scholarship (1/2 tuition but current awards are going to be a flat 20K I believe). Her SATs were a bit higher, her GPA was about equal, but her class rank definitely would have been lower (yours is very high). You sound like you are truly interested in BU and assuming that came through in your essays you seem to have a good shot at some sort of merit award. But whatever happens, Snowflake is right, these things are always somewhat negotiable and you may be able to up the offer when decisions come out if necessary. Good luck, it is a school with many opportunities!</p>

<p>My son's class rank is 1/460, GPA 4.62, but ACT is lower than what I think it needs to be 3.3. Any chance for him? We are totally flabbergasted at some of the results so far. Very uneven and unpredictable. He got a tuition scholarship at one place, is not getting what he thought at one "dream" school, did not get anything at a school which actually was less prestigious (we cannot explain this. It is a shock). He did not get even a call for scholarship at one school where his interests, passion, and goals matched perfectly. So, I cannot predict Trustee at all.</p>