Help me? Please?!

<p>Well I'm a junior, and I plan on applying to ivies. As of right now, I'm planning to take the SAT1 again in June and probably my final time in October. I have 4 AP classes currently and will be taking those exams in May. When do you think I will be able to incorporate SAT2 subject tests into my schedule. I plan on applying RD for the ivies. I need to take 2 SAT2's, of which I'm not entirely sure. I definitely plan on taking the Bip, but I'm not so great in Chemistry. My school doesn't offer AP Chemistry, but I find it somewhat difficult to maintain a 92-94 in honors Chemistry. My teacher is brisk in the way she teaches and goes very quick. Should I consider taking the SAT2 Chemistry exam? Also could someone tell me when the ideal time will be to take the SAT2's according to my schedule?</p>

<p>Bio* not Bip sorry lol.</p>

<p>Just my opinion but I think you should take SAT2's in subjects that you have taken AP classes in (not for all of them - but I don't think you should take Chem SAT2 without AP chem) and take them the same May you take the APs - you can study for them at the same time.</p>

<p>So May of 10th or 11th grade</p>

<p>Here's the problem. I'm a junior, my school is pretty crappy and only offers a few AP, the few that they offer come with certain requirements( can take such and such class at a certain grade level). Currently I'm taking AP Gov, AP Psych, and AP Lang. Next year I'll be taking AP Bio, AP Lit, AP Calc, APUSH, and possibly AP world or something. So right now I'm stuck in honors Chemistry, and I took honors bio last year.</p>

<p>Oh, I see. You could try literature and math?</p>

<p>Alright. Well, how hard is the math? At my school we have the Accelerated system, and I had a B+ in accel math 2 :(</p>

<p>Math I isn't too hard...</p>

<p>Definitely take math. Take math 2. If you haven't taken Pre-Calc yet, study that. Also idk how successful u will be in Bio SATII without AP BIO. So, maybe consider the Literature or work hard on Bio.</p>

<p>Well I've had pre-ap bio, which is like accel Bio or honors Bio. So i don't know. I really want to take Bio and possibly Chemistry, but I'm not sure how difficult Chemistry is since I'm in honors Chemistry.</p>