Help me please!

<p>ok so...
i'm not feeling too good about getting into any of the schools i want.
my gpa (unweighted is a 3.46, i know, it's low, but i can't change it)
weighted is a 3.998
my SAT score is 2260-retaking, hopefully will be in the 2300 area)
AP classes i've taken, and going to take:
AP bio
AP lang
AP US History
AP chem
AP Calc AB
AP Stat
my junior year schdeule:
AP Bio, AP Lang, AP US History, Pre-Calc hns, French 4 hns, symphony orchestra
My senior year:
AP Lit, AP Calc AB, AP Stat, AP Chem, Human anatomy, philoharmonic orchestra
all a's junior yaer btw, except in AP lang.. I got a B :(
violin:privately, for three years, orchestra since the fourth grade so in all, about 7 years
piano for 8 years, attended the Silesia Music Festival in Polan ( one of the fice selected out of 40 candidates)
- second place in the international american protege competition, played in alice tully hall
- third place in my age group from princeton university piano competition
track and field-11th and 12th
Varsity tennis: 12th
stu-co: 11th ( representative)
stu co treasurer: 12th
Symphony Orchestra VP: 11th
Orchestra council- historian:12th
Founder and President of two clubs: Dollhouses for Charity: 15 members
and African Rural Schools foundations charity club: 28 member both for two years
not sure if i should include this: but, i attended the national youth leadership conference, and the national youth leadership forum on medicine.
i am a female, indian- like from india.
I live in NJ
want to major in bio-med and possibly piano/music major as well
applying to:
University of Michigan(ann arbor)- my first choice, i have no idea how they're going to look at my gpa though
Boston University
UC Berkley
George Washington University
UPenn- it's a reach, i know i'm not getting in, so don't be rude about it please
Cornell- same as the above.
Washington University in St. Louis- not very keen on this one, not that i think it's bad, i don't think the location is amazing for me.
University of Chicago
do you think i could get in to umich with this? I really love it there, and I don't know what else to do.</p>

<p>lol i just read it, my bad.
I spelled year wrong, Poland, and five... i think..</p>

<p>I think University of Michigan looks at an unweighted GPA. It would be a reach for you with your UW GPA.</p>

<p>I would add some more safety/match schools to your list. Most of them seem to be reaches. Boston U, NYU, and GWU are the most realistic schools on your list but even those have pretty stringent admissions requirements.</p>

<p>I think you're very competitive, and you should stop worrying:) Most of my family has gone to Cornell (brothers/sisters/cousins) with similar stats, if not lower. Cornell is very friendly in terms of admissions, and I am positive about that. PS read my thread "Don't Worry" and it may help your (under admissions forum). Cornell is definitely within reason, I don't really have an opinion about the rest of the schools because I feel best educated to make a guess with regards to Cornell only.</p>

<p>Even with the upward gpa trend its going to be hard to get in umich? And the uc system... They recalculate right? From soph and junior year? I dont really understand how they review out of state students... D:</p>

<p>Are you applying as an international or a NJ resident? Your grades are lower than your SATs indicate they should be. Ants is correct above (stocker totally wrong about Cornell). There is a way to calculate UC GPAs but I can't find it right now (no freshman grades, only certain classes get weighting).</p>

<p>Actually, Cornell does seem to be slightly more accessible than the other Ivies. I base this on the decision threads.</p>