Help me REevaluate my college list? :/

<p>According to my school, I've got a 4.1/3.4, but I've recalculated my UC/CSU GPA and found that I'm actually 3.75/3.41. Now, hopefully private Jesuit schools will count all of my honors credits and religion classes, but for the majority, this is what I'm dealing with. Please check out my list and tell me which matches are now reaches; also, I realize many of the reaches are unrealistic! Just bear with me x)</p>

<p>I'm a girl at a private, Roman Catholic school in southern CA
GPA 3.75w/ 3.5uw
SAT 2090- 680Math 640CR 770Writing
Red Cross Club President
Student Exchange Program Club Officer
Medical Magnet Program at my school
IDTech camp- Programming in Java
Verified Certificate of Achievement- CS50 through edX
Assisting in administering vision exams to folks at nursing homes- about 80 hours
About 100 Community service hours, includes
- 3 summers of VBS
- 8 years of altar serving
- Some volunteer work with the Knights of Columbus
One season of sports in school, two outside of school</p>

<p>I'll have 6 AP's by the end of senior year. Let me know if posting my classes would help.</p>

<p>College List</p>

UC Berkeley
Boston U
U of Texas- Austin
Cal Poly- SLO</p>

UC Davis
San Diego State U
Santa Clara U
UC Riverside
U of Washington
---Cal Poly Pomona
---Chapman U
---UC Santa Cruz</p>

<p>Stanford seems slightly unrealistic, but the other ones seem alright. Why U Washngton, UT, BU, Northeastern, and some of the others? They seem a little out of place, so maybe do some research on why you really want to go there. In addition, you should eliminate some of the state schools you mentioned as well, or at least limit them, because you can’t possibly feel the exact same way about all of them and not all of them are probably the same strength in your declared major as well. I do like how you have very great public choices on your list, but narrowing them down either through research or visiting is a start</p>

<p>^shawnspencer- I want to major in Comp Science, so I tried to pick schools with good programs : ) and I’ve looked into all of these and I can see myself living at each one as far as I can tell, with the exception of Northeaster (I don’t do cold weather well) xD
But I do plan to visit the majority of the CA schools, so hopefully that will help.
Now how are my chances at these schools? And can I count on any of them as a sure bet?</p>