Help me to analyze/Improve my stats.(how significant is family crisis for admission?)

im a rising junior.

so far these are the only tests that i am sure to take based on my current schedule… i havent taken any of them yet so no scores:
AP Physics B
AP Stats
SAT Physics

I feel confident with all these tests but since my gpa is so poor i really need to compensate. would self studying another AP or two make any real difference or would it be better to focus on getting perfect scores for all of those tests?

I screwed myself over by not taking Math Analysis(Pre Calc) as a summer course in '04. If i did i would have been able to add AP Calc AB to the list. taking AP Calc AB over the '05 summer would not allow me to take the test until after i graduate! :frowning:

Major EC’s:
Math Team
Physics Team
Robotics Team
Chess Team
I plan to start a Computer(Unix) Club
Varsity Bowling co-captain

No real awards

My GPA is very poor. Probably in the B range with only a handful(4-5) of enriched classes throughout HS. i will have an EXTREMELY bad class rank.

However, I went through a major family crisis fresh. and soph. year. My mom was in and out of the hospital with a serious illness and i was forced to switch schools freshman year(moved in with father… parents are divorced). I moved back in with my mom start of soph. year, she went back in the hospital that December. I didnt want to switch schools AGAIN and custody would become a mess, so i traveled an hour(one way) from my dads house(he drove me and my sister) to school everday. Looks like i will have to travel an hour to/from school most of this year as well. How significant will this be seen as?
That being said i still feel that im on a crash course to State U… My dream school is Cornell for Electrical Engineering. How can i improve my stats. any summer programs, tests, or awards i may be able to obtain to hook me? any suggestions/ideas?
im rather worried to say the least.


<p>i need advice guys</p>

<p>What exactly... CAN we say to help you? You seem fine to me.</p>

<p>Depending on family issues doesn't seem like a garunteed plan. You can go ahead and hope it works out, but it might appear you're giving excuses for your bad gpa in the eyes of an adcom.</p>