Help me to get my score up please!

<p>hi all, ive been taking a class for the act and its 2 weeks till showtime and i still havent seen much improvement. any last minute tips...exc</p>

<p>i am in the same boat. i need to improve my april act (i got a 21). it is difficult for me to accept my low score when i am ap classes as well as honors at school. it boggles me. i think it may be the time issue. ive tried to read some books lately to improve my reading pace. you may want to try that.</p>

<p>Look down the last 6 pages of the ACT Preparation forum.</p>

<p>One tip, however, is to read fast and stay focused. There really isn't a "secret" or anything. It's just like any other test.</p>

<p>I only got a 30 though, so maybe there is a secret I am missing.</p>

<p>All you can do is keep doing review questions under timed conditions and keep trying to improve. The only "secret" to success is practice.</p>