Help Me! USC vs Tulane Architecture

<p>This is hell. I can't decide and I got four days. I would like to major in Architecture, but I still want to have a life. I got into the honors program at Tulane with a $23,000 a year scholarship, but I am also one of the fourteen lucky applicants accepted to USC's well known and high ranked arch program. I visited both schools and really didn't get a feel for either. The fact is I'm a partier. In my high school yearbook I am going to be dubbed class partier and clown. I know studying architecture and having a social life often times don't mix, but I just have to be able to go out and theres no chance I could even imagine myself pulling more than two all nighters for a college arch project. Tulane's campus is quite far from USC's and the people... I could deal with. The Tulane students I met were real nice but mostly republican, which makes it kind of tough for a massachusetts liberal harboring marxists beliefs. City wise, New Orleans I believe is better in terms of partying while LA is better for architecture. I didn't have the chance to spend the night at USC so I didn't have a clear sense of what people are like, but the city I found too large and depressing. I'm stuck because social life and academics are both equally important to me. Is USC's arch program really the hell everyone is making it out to be? Will a partier like me last? (and while I am at it. Which place has hotter chicks? Tulane did from what I saw) Please respond I appreciate any feedback! Thank you.</p>