Help Me? What Are My Chances?

<p>Please tell me what my chances are at these places: reach, match, safety</p>

<p>Schools I'm interested in:</p>

<p>Dartmouth (ED?)-lightly recruited for squash
UPenn (ED?)
Williams - tennis may help a little bit
Middlebury - squash may help
Stanford - squash may help
Princeton - my dream school
Georgetown - safety?
Bowdoin - safety?
Brown - some interest
Colgate- safety?</p>

<p>I attend one of the most competitive boarding schools which is very rigorous academically. We do not rank, but I think I'd be in the top 5-10%.
My credentials are as follows:</p>

<p>1440 SAT (660 Verbal, 780 Math) / retook don't have score yet
SAT II: Math IIC 770, Writing 720, Chemistry 710
GPA is about a 3.82, which is very good for this caliber school although may not appear impressive in general terms.</p>

<p>Nationally Commended Merit Scholar
AP Scholar</p>

<p>Honor Roll every semester</p>

Junior year: AP US History, AP Calculus BC, Honors Chemistry, English III, Honors French IV (Year GPA: 4.0 weighted)</p>

<p>Senior year: AP Physics-C, Honors Multivariable Calculus (Calc II), AP English, AP Economics</p>

<p>I am being recruited as a squash player, but not heavily</p>

<p>I was the captain of varsity tennis for two years and on varsity all 4</p>

<p>Head of WISE, Head of Math Team, Tour Guide Head, Head of Dining Room Committee, Vice President of Surfing Club, Dorm Prefect, Head of French Club</p>

<p>What are my chances?</p>

<p>I think one of the advantages of attending a highly competitive school is that you are likely to have access to pretty knowlegeable and sophisticated college conseling right on-site. You certainlysound like a strong candidate, but wouldn't you be better off discussing the reach/match/safety issue with your coach/coaches and the college counseling staff?</p>

<p>Dartmouth - Reach
UPenn - Reach/ (ED - Match)
Williams - Reach
Middlebury - Match
Stanford - Far Reach
Princeton - Far Reach
Georgetown - Match
Bowdoin - Safety
Brown - Reach
Colgate- Safety</p>

<p>mattmom, i see what youre saying and i agree but also, they have their own agenda in mind and i am very curious as to what people might say
its nice to have them but they care more about themselves than sending kids to the best possible school that they can go to
its nice to have other opinions</p>

<p>please help me, i honestly need your advice to decide what to do
based on what i hear from you I have to make a decision as to where to apply early and if i should aim higher or lower</p>

<p>I think I'd call your safeties strong matches, but unless you need a financial safety (or think you might get a bad case of senoritis) your list is in pretty good shape. I don't think you should apply to Brown (or indeed, any competitive school) unless you can work up a good bit of enthusiasm for it - it will show, and then you've wasted the time to apply (especially as Brown is not common app) as well as $60.</p>

<p>Only apply ED if your heart tells you to do so. You've worked too hard in HS to end up at the wrong college because your GC is pushing or you feel the pressure to play the numbers game. </p>

<p>Only problem - VP of the Surfing Club - you won't be able to continue that in college (unless internet surfing LOL)! Maybe add Stanford!</p>

<p>Your list looks good, except your safeties are more like matches. Don't do ed unless you're 100% sure you want to attend that school</p>

<p>ok so georgetown isnt a safety at all i didnt mean to write that, but what do you think my chances are at all of these schools</p>

<p>can anyone give me some idea of chances</p>

<p>please i need another yes/no on schools</p>

<p>I would agree with ohio_mom. You should apply to the school you most want to go to that you are sure you would be happy at. ED won't give you that much of an edge unless you are strongly in the running anyway, so you might as well apply whre your heart leads you.To my mind you have a chance but not a great chance, at most of the schools, with Colgate being a strong match but not a safety, Georgetown probably a match, and Bowdoin being something of a gamble (not that you do not have a good chance but that admisisons at this level can be arbitrary and surprising at times). Unless you are really being recruited with some enthusiasm, the squash/tennis angle is probably just another good EC (like being a member of student government), not a real hook. I suspect that you will be regarded as just another good but not outstanding prep school candidate and that your admission will be determined by the strength of your essay and recommednations and posibly by a coach's interest and input (but again only if you are being strongly recruited). I know this isn't as straighforward asnwer as you are lookign for, but admisisons at top schools isn't always straightforward either.</p>

<p>can anyone else give me some idea of where i should apply/where i've got a shot?</p>

you forgot to mention you are the secretary of Student Tech Support. That will help your applications more than the surf club</p>