Help me with english?

<p>I started out with an 18 on the English ACT section. Don't judge me! My science score was 35. I read spark notes and tons of other random things on this website. BUT, my ACT English score right now is only a 27 (65/75) Can someone help????? </p>

<p>IS there anything in this world that can test my mastery of every single existing grammar concept on the test?</p>

<p>I'll make you a deal: I'll give you the secret to my 34 on the reading if you give me the secret to your 35 on the science. You first. </p>

<p>I'll just be here, waiting.</p>

<p>What I do:
1)Read the question first, and try to understand what it is saying 100%
2)Look at the datum/data (Make sure it is in order, variables relate to the question)
3)Avoid being biased by prior knowledge
4)Don't be tempted into reading the whole science section.
5)Pay attention because you only have one shot.</p>


<p>Learn computer programming xD</p>

<p>.. Did you have another meaning embedded into your post?</p>