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<p>I fell in love with Vanderbilt as I flipped through its brochure late August. The park-like setting of the University was very eye-catching. The vibrant color of the leaves made the whole place seem peaceful and secure. I love the fact that Vanderbilt University is so closely connected with nature. Coming from the city, I always dreamed about going to a place where I can hear real birds, not pigeons, chirping in the broad daylight, and see squirrels racing around fearlessly. I am a romantic, and though I never had the chance to visit Vanderbilt personally, from what I heard, read and saw, I believe Vanderbilt is one of the most beautiful places to fulfill my goal.
The best colleges are the ones that can provide students with not only superior academic success but also higher real-life successes. Vanderbilt is nationally known as a highly ranked research university. U.S. News underlines the fact that it allows undergraduate students to take advantage of its broad range of opportunities and provide them with many hands-on experiences. The idea of having the ability to work with significant individuals personally during my first four years is very exciting. I believe the resources to so many opportunities offered right on campus are a good preparation for the future.
One other thing that drew me to Vanderbilt is its balance between academic and social life. Not only is Vanderbilt ranked very highly in academics, the students in Vanderbilt enjoy a wonderful social life as well. By communicating with students from Vanderbilt via email, I listened to their excitement about the upcoming football games and school dances. Their strong compassion toward Vanderbilt struck me. Coming from a school that lacked such school spirit, I was surprised and jealous of the strong sense of community and am looking forward to contribute and be part of it. I want to excel in college, while at the same time enjoy a wonderful, once-in-a-life-time college experience. I sincerely believe that Vanderbilt University is the place for me, and it can definitely provide me with all that I look for and more.</p>

<p>I would not mention US News rankings...and I might ask someone to go over it for grammar. Other than that it seems pretty good.</p>