Help me with my ACT score!!!

<p>I took the Math, English, and Science sample sections of the ACT on their website and got the following scores:</p>

<p>71 of 75 on English (used about 20 of the 45 possible minutes)
58 of 60 on Math (used about 25 of the possible 60 minutes/no calculator/no paper)
39 of 40 on Science (used about 20 of the possible 35 minutes)</p>

<p>I can't find any conversion to use so I could find out what my score (on a 36 scale) would be. If any of you could guess what they would be, please help!!!</p>

<p>Thanks! :cool:</p>

<p>Well, from test to test the scores fluxuate a little bit, but it would be real close to these. </p>

<p>English: 32
Math: 34
Science: 34</p>

<p>Nicely Done and Good Luck.</p>


<p>Miss one science and get a 34?! Wow, that's rough</p>

<p>Not very often can you actually get a 35 in science, but it has happened before. I have even seen it where if you miss one you get a 33.</p>


<p>science seems to be the hardest section, the one that always pulls down the composite score, so kudos</p>

<p>ACT has pre-determined scores based on number right before you walk into the test; i.e., there is no real curve based on what the applicant pool does. In each section it has what it deems to be easy, medium and hard questions with score weight lower for easy as compared to medium etc. It determines scores by number answered correctly since it takes nothing off for answering a question wrong. That potential score on science will depend on whether the question was an easy, medium or hard question. If you only missed an easy one, you may still get a 35, a medium or hard will result in lower. The same easy, medium and hard applies to other sections and that English score could actually end up ranging anywhere from 30 to 33.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help!</p>

<p>Sorry to keep asking but...I just took the reading part and got 39 out of 40.</p>

<p>What score would this be?</p>

<p>anyone...please??? pretty please with sugar on top???</p>

<p>drubsa, what are you talking about?</p>

<p>Every question is worth the same number of points. Your score is determined by how many you got wrong .... I know this for sure; I did the q & a service (that may not be what it's called) and at the back of the packet it says how the scores are computed.</p>

<p>You miss x, you get y. Scores aren't weighted.</p>

<p>Oh, 39 out of 40 would be a 35 on the April 2004 test.</p>

<p>...but a 36 on the February '04 test or the April '03 depends...</p>