Help me with my schedule please :)

<p>I'm so confused on what classes to take senior year. Here are the classes I'm taking for sure:</p>

<li>AP Lit</li>
<li>AP US and Comp Gov</li>
<li>AP Calc BC</li>
<li>AP Chemistry</li>
<li>AP study hall</li>

<p>So basically I want to take those classes but I have 2 more slots to fill. My options are</p>

<p>-AP economics: I really want to take this class, I would like to pursue business in the future and find it interesting, but I'm worried 5 APs might be a little much. </p>

<p>-Advanced Composition 2: it's a class for advanced writers in the school, have leadership positions from tutoring. Also it will be my second year in the class, so continuing looks good. There is a lot of free time in the class, but there are a lot of projects that I don't like. </p>

<p>-Spanish 4: this is the class I want to take the least because Spanish has always been boring, and we have a lot of awful teachers, so there's a good chance I will end up with a bad teacher. I've had straight As since Spanish 1, but no garuntees for next year as the teachers are harsh graders. The only reason to take the class is because it's obviously best to take as many years of a language as possible. </p>

<p>So I basically need help picking two of those classes! The college that is most difficult to get into that I'm shooting for is UVA.
Any insight is greatly appreciated :)</p>

<p>Bumpity bump bump</p>

<p>AP Econ & Spanish 4 since you are already taking AP Lit there is no need to take advanced composition</p>

<p>I think you should take Spanish 4 no matter what, as four years of a foreign language will really look great on your transcript. Though not all colleges require 4 years, I feel like stopping after three will seem a little strange. </p>

<p>If you're seriously concerned about five APs (and I don't blame you if you are), then Composition would be a good choice. As you said, it will show dedication, continuation, and, though it's not an AP, an advanced ability. However, If you're ready for a challenge and think you can manage five APs, take Econ; it's related to your intended major and it's an AP.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input! My intended major is international business, and I would like to learn either Russian or German. So I'm not really sure how this affects what I should take.</p>

<p>Anyone else? :)</p>

<p>AP Econ and Spanish 4</p>

<p>I agree. Pretty much decided on Econ and Spanish 4.</p>