Help me with some CW mistakes?

<p>Got some problems wrong while taking a practice test in the BB. I was a bit surprised, usually on something like the question of the day, I almost always get the CW questions they send. Did pretty bad, but found most of my mistakes with the BB's unexplained answers. Just didn't get these:
Don't know how to underline, so the possible choices are in [brackets]</p>

<h1>16. As he [eagerly] awaited the interview [for] the job, Miguel [thought it was] [suppressing] his nervousness and to display a calm he did not feel. [No error]</h1>

<p>I chose [thought it wise] since I thought it was well... unusually phrased. But the answer key says [suppresing] is incorrect.</p>

<h1>25. [As] their brains [mature neurologically], infants become more capable [to distinguish] the shapes and textures of the objects [around them]. [No error]</h1>

<p>I chose it was No Error, but the answer key says its [to distinguish]. It sounds right to me... or is it?</p>

<li>to distinguish -> capable of distinguishing
16, not sure.</li>

<p>Capable of distinguishing is the correct idiomatic expression</p>

<p>for 16. I believe you typed the sentence incorrectly because it does not make any sense. If the question is ineed [thought it wise] as you typed in the answer choice, then you need to make sure the answer options are parallel to the not underlined portion.</p>

<p>It should be:</p>

<p>Mike thought it wise TO SUPPRESS his nervousness and TO DISPLAY a calm he did not feel.</p>

<p>25: Capable of distinguishing.</p>

<p>The other? No idea. Did you type it incorrectly?</p>