help me with transfer app

<p>Hey, Im studying aerospace engineering at UIUC and trying to transfer to Dartmouth.
My MATH PHYSICS and MATSE grades are all A but i screwed up some random geography
course. so my GPA drop from 3.94 to there still a way to compensate for that?
or im doomed to rejection?</p>

<p>one course dropped it that far? if it really was just the one, retake the class if it was below a C and replace the grade.</p>

<p>yup, A is 4 and D is 1....without the D, my GPA is3.9plus....counting it, then its a poor 3.13....sigh. the thing now is that im transfering,,,im fearing the D will destroy my chance.</p>

<p>for transfer applicants , i think fall term GPA is the only thing matters cos spring term GPA wont reach them until you are admitted or rejected....</p>

<p>not always. if you are applying to a safety then its no big deal. if it's a match or above, they may ask for spring grades. the only good thing is that its not a class in your major, so it's not as important because your major gpa is unaffected. BUT, i would recommend, for your GPA's sake, retaking it if its at all possible.</p>

<p>Why do you want to transfer? UIUC is has aerospace engineering, while Dartmouth has only a general engineering major where can you can tailor your studies to the subareas of engineering. UIUC will likely attract more engineering employers to its career center than Dartmouth. UIUC is also relatively local to a major aerospace employer's corporate office in Chicago.</p>

<p>i want to transfer to Dartmouth cos i want a career in financial sector (probably banking?)
i m doing engineering since its the most useful and practical major in college to me.</p>