Help me

<p>I am going to be freshman in IU</p>

<p>Could anyone tell me the differences between apartment and residence hall?</p>

<p>And could anyone introduce me which place is the best choice to live in in IU?</p>

<p>Well unless your parents live in Bloomington, which I kinda doubt, you are going to have to live in a residence hall. IU requires it.</p>

<p>You can't live in an apartment your Freshman year; you have to live in the residence halls. </p>

<p>You pick one of three neighborhoods, but not a specific hall. PickNorthwest if you want the east coast vibe/lots of partying/etc, central if you want amore normal crowd/balanced partying/good location, and pick Southeast if you want a more quiet, relaxed environment with little (but still some) partying.</p>

<p>As a freshman, you will choose your 'neighborhood' not your building. I am not sure if freshman can choose IU apartments (maybe you can?) as options. But most freshmen live in dorms. Northwest has reputation as the social dorm area--lots of kids who like to party; some love it there. Central kind of has a balanced reputation--not constant parties. Southwest has the reputation of being quieter, but my D lives there and has enjoyed it. She can find plenty of parties/social things when she wants them, but the dorm environment is quieter.</p>

<p>There are also LLC (living-learning centers) that you can apply to--they are kind of communities within the larger dorm communities. You have to apply for them--generally, you pick an LLC to be around students w/ similar interests.</p>

<p>Read the RPS web site in detail. If you see something specific that you have questions about, post it here--your original question was a little vague.</p>

<p>The best choice varies from student-to-student. If you describe what kind of student you are (do you study all the time? do you want the dorm to be quieter? Or will you like to study at the library, and have lots of fun in the dorm?)</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>I suggest the Central neighborhood. I lived in Wright last year and enjoyed the location. The best buildings are Teter and Eigenmann, but you'll just have to hope you end up in an okay place.
Let me know if you are placed in Wright and experience any pest or maintenance issues. I became a familiar face to the residential manager because I lived in an unkempt hall.</p>