Help Me

<p>GPA 2.85 UW 2 APS
SAT 2200 CR 650 Math 640 Writing 710
E.Cs junior classical league(2 years) soccer(4 years, 2 varsity) lacrosse (4 years 3 varsity)
mock trail 2 years forensics 2 years pro life club 2 years hospital vlunteering 2 years
Work USSF ref since i was 14, busboy/waiter since 16, summer job since 16</p>

<p>reaches NYU Fordham Bucknell Vassar
likelys Rutgers NB, Rutgers Newark, Hofstra, drexel, temple
safeties St Johns, Catholic U of America</p>

<p>It's going to depend on the circumstances that explain your low GPA, and the way in which you explained them. Regardless, thats a great SAT, and I think youre definitely in at all your safeties and most of your matches. That low GPA would really make you look bad for your reaches (and some matches) like Rutgers and Drexel. However, having a really compelling story could possibly boost your chances of getting in at some of those schools.</p>

<p>my mother did pass away a little before my freshmen year but i dont really want sympathy from a college</p>

<p>That's understandable, it's obviously a personal choice so I won't try to sway you. Is your GPA trend upward? Also, what is your ethnicity/income level?</p>

<p>white/middle class and my freshmen gpa was a 1.9 and i have brought it up to where it is now</p>

<p>If your upward trend is that strong, then that definitely makes your stats look much more desirable. Congratulations on your being able to improve that much!</p>

<p>can u chance me with that info....or does it not make a difference</p>

<p>I think that with that info you're definitely gonna have a much better chance at your matches, and fordham and maybe some of your other reaches. It would be helpful to perhaps ask you guidance counselor to explain your mothers death, but in a way that doesn't ask for sympathy but instead just explains your low freshman year gpa.</p>

<p>You guys realize that that sat doesn't add up to 2200 right?</p>

<p>thanks, i didnt even realise that........typo from my horrible horrible phone</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>