Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>ALright guys, im currently searching for a U.S Uni to go to for my year abroad (I study in England) but really dont know where to start looking!</p>

<p>Obviously there is California but are there any other places i should look for? basically i want a good uni with good facitilities etc, but i also want to go somewhere to party etc/where theres loads to etc etc....</p>

<p>any tips?</p>

<p>P.S i am majoring in AMerican studies and Film</p>

<p>USC, UCLA, Wesleyan U (CT).</p>

<p>any more mate?</p>

<p>It sounds like you'd be happiest with a school in or near a large city. Since you're from a northern climate, you might enjoy someplace warm.</p>

UC Los Angeles
UC San Diego (not noted as a party school, but San Diego is nice)</p>

<p>Actually, there are a ton of colleges in Southern California that would be good candidates: UC Santa Barbara, Occidental, the Claremont Colleges, University of San Diego, etc.</p>

<p>Arizona and Arizona State
Univ Texas Austin
University of Miami (Florida)</p>

<p>I don't know much about southern colleges.</p>

<p>If climate doesn't matter, University of Washington would be a good choice -- great urban area, lots of outdoor activity options. The disadvantage is that it is cool and rainy in the winter. Does that sound familiar?</p>

<p>hahaha it does indeed mate!</p>

<p>i have enough Cali uni's now but i need some in different areas i think (to widen my choice), whats it like in north carolina?</p>