HELP: Music Double Major

<p>So...I just got accepted to UCLA College of Letters and Sciences as a Neuroscience major. The question is, I also want to major in piano performance, and while I know that on the Music Department website it says that this is not possible, I know many people who have done/are doing this double major, so I was wondering how this works and to go about applying for it. </p>


<p>Yea, i signed up for psychology major, but i also want to double major in clarinet performance. Can anyone help us out here about how to sign up for a second major?</p>

<p>Yes, you can double major in music and something else. My friend is graduating this year with a double major in Economics and Clarinet performance.
First, you must audition in order become a music major. For more information about that you should contact the UCLA music department. During orientation you guys will be able to talk to your OC (Orientation Counselor) and he/she will be able to answer all of your questions and help you declare a double major. Don't worry about it too much right now.
Have you guys considered trying out for the UCLA Bruin Marching Band!?!? I think you should give a shot it's soooo much fun and you meet amazing people too!</p>

<p>idk if i want to do the marching band. It takes too much time first of all, and then playing while marching is going to ruin my embresure.</p>

<p>the workload from what i heard from the violin teacher at UCLA for a double major is nearly crazy. you're looking at about 5-6 years of being in college if you do decide to double. I hope i can do it too =) violin + bizecon. I heard the GE stuff is hecka crazy though. he says he only has had 3 students successfully double major. =X I dont want to be stuck studying + practicing all day either. Oh well can't have everything.</p>