help....must get in

<p>really want to get into some combined degree programs
whats my chances ??</p>

<p>gpa 3.8(moved in junior year so got 3 B's otherwise almsot perfect)
ACT 30 (should i take agn? could possibly get a 31-32)
AP's : Calc AB(taking)
Phy B
Chem AP
Bio AP
English literature(taking)
English language
German </p>

<li>my old school had no AP's so i could only take them in 11 and 12 grade </li>
<li>taken phy, chem and bio almost every year of HS
maxed out chem and german
-taken a bunch load of honors classes etc.</li>

<p>Honors and Awards:
Awarded Scholar Badge for Academic Distinction 8, 9, 10 grade
Awarded Scholar Blazer for Consistent Academic Excellence
Annual IMA Medical Conference Guest Student Attendee
1st Place in Basketball Tournament
II Place Best Interjector Inter School Debate
III Place High School Elocution
Certificate of National Merit, Green Olympiad
Distinctive Performance in National Science Olympiad Exam
Passed German Semester 1 and 2 International Exams for German Fluency
Selected For High School M.E.R.I.T. program to shadow a Physician 2007
2nd in Computer Gaming Competition</p>

Medical Volunteer -230 hrs +
Doing orthopedic research
Physician Shadow-great letter from him loved me !!
Community Service- Internationally worked with Helpage India 2004
Library, Youth Services, </p>

<p>Activities and Hobbies:
Athens Tennis Team Jv +Varsity
Basketball Team Varsity
German Club
International Club
Physics Club
Drama Society
Music MIxing( Djing competitions)
Gaming Team
Guitar </p>

Secretary Discipline Committee, 2005-06
Member Student Congress, 2005-06
President International Club, 2006-07
Forensics Team Captain (maybe)
Gaming team Vice captain</p>

To India -worked with the elderly.(helpage India)</p>

<p>great letters of recs from science teacher and counselor</p>

<p>taking SAT II in Dec</p>

<p>p.s legacy at northwestern :D</p>

<p>Your GPA and ACT scores aren't exceptional, but your ECs are pretty good (though, gaming club may sound immature to many on an admissions committee...) As for HPME, which you may be hinting at due to legacy status, I'm not so sure how well you will fare with the other candidates. I don't think legacy will help you that much as it would for regular admissions.</p>