Help my daughter choose Temple or UConn?

Double major art and journalism
Temple’s art school is hands down better.
Temple is in a much more dangerous neighborhood.
With scholarship Temple is much cheaper but we can afford both.
Academically UConn attracts better students overall. UConn students were ‘A’ students in high school. Temple students were ‘A’ and ‘B’ students. UConn students have very high test scores. Temple is test optional.
Temple is in Philadelphia, 4th largest media market in the country (important for journalism)
My daughter is also interested in field biology and environmental journalism so UConn being in the boonies could work for her too.
We’re doing admitted students day for both.
What are your thoughts?

Temple is much more affordable & offers better opportunities for both of her majors.

Regardless, I suspect that the admitted students will lead your daughter to one or the other as they are in such dramatically different settings.

@Publisher thank you.