Help my friend with UNC grad programs

<p>One of my friends is transfering from my current school to UNC with a semester or two left in undergard (don't ask). Basically, he needs to stay at UNC as a student for a few years because of very important ECs, so he's looking at grad schools.</p>

<p>Law and medicine are out.</p>

<p>He's interested in:</p>

<p>-Business (MBA)</p>

<p>-Any type of non-science/math related PhD or M.A. program</p>

<p>Can anyone give me a breif heirarchy of the quality of grad programs with these search parameters in place?</p>

<p>why isn't your friend doing this himself?</p>

<p>Let's say it was a favor.</p>

<p>In order to get into UNC's MBA program he will need several years of post graduate work experience first. If he wants to do business, tell him to get a job.</p>