Help narrow down my college list?

<p>here are my stats: </p>

<p>HS graduation year: 2011
UW GPA: 3.5
Weighted: 3.8
SAT Composite: 1940 (math + cr: 1320. i'll take the ACT this september & i'll re-take the SAT this october)
Took all AP & honors classes offered at my school. i also took a class at a local university for college credit.</p>

Played JV tennis for 2 years, varsity tennis my senior year
Academic Spell Bowl team -- state finalists all 4 years, regional champions 3 years
Math team - regional champions 1 year. state champions 1 year.
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a neuroscience competition
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a public speaking competition
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a essay writing competition
Marching Band State Runner up -- freshman year
Speech team - central indiana champions 1 year.
National Society of High School Scholars
National Honors Society
FIRST Robotics team for 3 years -- won a regional championship in 2009 (had leadership position)
VEX Robotics team for 2 years -- won a regional championship in 2009
Rocket Club
Vice President of Chess Club
Played violin for 6 years, performed at various concerts</p>

<p>Volunteer Activities: (total = slightly over 100 hrs)
Assisted my tennis coach in coaching small children
Assisted my tennis coach in his adult tennis classes
Volunteered at a local hospital
Assisted the Salvation Army </p>

<p>i want to major in neuroscience & do pre-med. I know that college rankings don't matter all that much for pre-med, but I want to attend a well reputed college in case I decide to go on with neuroscience in grad school.
Here's my list so far:</p>

<p>Boston U
University of Pittsburgh
Univ of Michigan @ Ann arbor
Univ of Wisconsin @ Madison
Case western reserve
University of Rochester
university of Illinois @ Urbana

<p>Any suggestions? money is not a factor</p>

<p>It really is your choice, visiting them would help a lot too. University of Illinois @ Urbana is a really great college and so is Case Western Reserve so I would keep those. I think University of Wisconsin @ Madison has a good rep too, but I don't know much else about the others sorry! I'm in the middle of choosing colleges too. I would email admissions people and talk to them too, that may help. Best of luck!</p>