Help narrowing down school choices?

<p>I'm going to be a senior this year, and am having trouble narrowing down schools of choice. I'm from NJ and am male. I have a 3.78 gpa, weighted. (I stupidly slacked off freshman/soph year). My best SAT was a 2020, but with score choice I have a 2040 ( CR 650, Math 680, Writing 710). For my SAT II's, I got a 650 in Math level 2, and a 640 in US Hist. I have kept a steady pace of 2-4 honors classes throughout my years, took AP US History junior year, and am taking AP Euro senior, along with other honors. </p>

<p>I'm looking for a small-medium liberal arts school. I'm interested in music, photography, psych, and marine biology as possible majors. I like good/warm weather, but it's not a must have :). I've played guitar for 7 years now, and have a variety of other ec's to show. Through my research thus far, I'm interested in NYU, Vassar, American Univ, Pomona College, various SUNY's, etc... </p>

<p>Can anyone recommend a school that would suit me and that I would have a decent chance at getting into?</p>


<p>What can your family afford?</p>

<p>we aren't under any financial stresses... i dont think i will be dependent on financial aid, though i will be fully acceptant of it.</p>