Help need advice

<p>I have kind of posted like this before but first report card mail out next friday, i had a F in spanish but c's b's and a's in my other classes. Will this be bad for me? what if i can pull it up?</p>

<p>i meant pull it up after this quarter</p>

<p>uh, little more information needed. what grade are you in, which Spanish it is, what you think the problem is…etc.</p>

<p>but obviously, if you work hard enough your grade will go up. just by doing all of your homework you might be able to pull out a C or something. if you’re failing you must not be doing the things you need to do to meet the bare minimum.</p>

<p>if you want to be cynical, if you already have an F…it doesn’t get much worse than that.</p>

<p>i have spanish 1 freshman in high school, even if i fail this quarter is it possible to still do good in high school? next report cards are at winter break…</p>

<p>It is still possible but it will be hard, especially with a course that builds on foundation like Spanish. Depends on how much your final is worth, but generally you are looking at finishing with a C max. It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t going to kill you unless you’re looking at tip top schools.</p>

<p>so lets say i was looking to get into USF freshman year ending with c’s and a’s and b’s wouldnt hurt?</p>

<p>I would think that any college besides a community college would look down on an F.</p>

<p>USF has a avg GPA of 3.47.</p>

<p>but i mean if i finish the year with a higher grade will that be good? like for example if i can get it up to at least a c or b by winter break and keep that and the rest of my grades up all year, would that be good enough for this year?</p>