HELP! Need to decide on a college!!!

I am a Virginia resident with a 3.61W gpa , 1210 SAT , lots of volunteer hours and extracurriculars, 4 APs, 2 Honors, and 1 DE. I have applied to the following schools:

Christopher Newport University (accepted)
George Mason University
Old Dominion University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech

I applied as “undecided” as my major to all of these but my top career choice is a veterinarian. I like CNU the best, but it is the most expensive. I like how VT has animal science but I have a low chance of making it in, VCU has a good science program and I have an ok chance of making it in but other than that the school isn’t really at the top of my list, GMU is close by so I don’t have to pay room and board which is good, but I kind of want to move out, and ODU is nice, and gave me a scholarship but I’m still unsure of it. Help me decide!!!

Oh I forgot to put I was also accepted into ODU and applied for the honors program

When you have all of your admissions and aid packages, fun the figures through the Award Letter comparison calculator at That will let you see the numbers side-by-side. Once you know which (if any) are affordable, that will be the time to decide which you truly prefer.

Vet School is expensive, and admission is tougher in many states than for Med School. If you are serious about Vet School, you need to choose the place where you can graduate at the least cost and with the best grades.

Thank you so much!

Totally agree with @happymomof1. My son is pre-vet (animal science major). Go where you can get out with the least debt and best grades. Vet school is very expensive. Also, look at a couple of vet schools your could be interested in. Look at what their prerequisites are. Make sure the college you pick offers the prerequisites you need. Degree doesn’t matter but prerequisites do. Not all colleges have all the prerequisites and sometimes it is hard to get them.

I’d imagine that right now PSU is the front runner but wait till you have all acceptances and financial aid packages.