Help! need to know what type of ECs!!


<p>im a junior year student born in 1992(yah u must be thinking NERD), in ottawa,ontario, canada currently, and im wondering what are some great ECs to do to get into the following universities that ill be applying all early action/decision</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins(priority 1- mainly for BME then medicine)
MIT(priority 2- again BME(biomedical engineering) then medicine)
U of Pennsylvania(priority 3- BME then medicine)

<p>yah please if someone can recommend some!! especially if u know any of your friends or colleagues who got into those universities if you can list what they did id be appreciated.</p>

<p>Don't focus on trying to build a picture-perfect resume. Find the things you love and do them. The most important thing is to show consistency, commitment, and passion in your ECs; what they actually are is secondary.</p>

<p>A lot of people miss the point of EC's. An extracurricular activity is something that you are supposed to enjoy, not something that is done to get you into college. If a university knew that you were doing an activity so that it'd look impressive, it would totally undermine the reason you were supposed to tell them about that activity in the first place. The fact is, you don't need "cancer research" or "student government" to get into a top university; it'd be a lot better to show them that you love something, and that you are good at it. Sure, it'd be great if you love saving the world, but adcoms know that most kids just aren't like that.</p>

<p>well i know but its hard for me to find some im interested in doing research projects so i might look into you think boxing and djing are some good ecs cuz i love doing those...but like ive seen some of the stats of these kids and their ecs are crazy...i dont care about my grade mainly cuz i earn A- to A+ range which are converted into american grading system...anyways yah you guys mind saying what you guys did?</p>

<p>The PC statement is do what you enjoy, but my suggestion is ito do football. Why? You get lots money to go to college if you are very good at it. D's EC put her in touch with lots of football players in her high school. These players rank quite high for our state and they boasted to D that they received nearly full tuition to attend very expensive school like Georgetown, eventhough their families are quite well to do, because of their football playing skills. On top of that, girls seem to throw themselves at these football players. Even DD admit they look nice(ok, their bodies at least) and she is not even into football players. :)</p>

<p>you cant ask someone what "you" should do for "your" extracurricular! It's like asking a complete stranger to take me to my favorite restaurant. How in the world would they know this?? Extracurriculars are for you to explore different activities to see if any of them spark some kind of interest in you. What do "you" like to do?</p>

<p>I want to agree that EC's should be done because you like them, but the truth is that some EC's are more advantageous than others. I am a transfer student, and I did a lot at my school, but the people who won more awards and prestige sometimes didn't even do as much as me. The Presidents and VPs of our honors society chapter ALWAYS won more than everyone else because it is a national organization. And it sucked, but it happened, and nobody thought anything of it. Also, Student Government Presidents were regarded more highly, even if the other officers were working just as hard.
I'd hope that adcoms would know better, but the admin at my school certainly didn't. I never took into consideration the idea that I might actually get more tangible recognition if I was involved in a different EC; I just did what I liked... but if it is the choice between two things you like, but one of which your school recognizes more and could gain you more honors, maybe you could take that into consideration.</p>

<p>Keep in mind though, if you don't like something, you might not stick with with it and that could be bad too. I am basically saying to do stuff you like, but if it comes down to a few, these things could sway you one way or another. If you like something, you will devote yourself more and that will also gain positive results.</p>

<p>Another thing to keep in mind: You could pick something you think you would excel in (another person mentioned football, but if you are better at boxing, take that up and just get really good). Also, you could pick something really unique (juggling club?) that might pique an adcom's curiosity.</p>